15 Enjoyable Fall Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

15 Enjoyable Fall Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. The leaves begin changing colors and the world explodes in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

It also includes Halloween and Thanksgiving, making fall a wonderful season for making interesting and enjoyable crafts.

If you’re looking for some crafts to do with your kids, then this article is for you. We have 15 enjoyable fall crafts for kids to make at home.

1. Alphabet Turkey Match

With Thanksgiving falling in the fall season, you can also consider making turkey-themed crafts.

This craft is not only fun to make but is also educational and will help your kids learn their alphabet.

The instructions include a template to make the turkey but you can also draw your own if you wish.

The feathers of the turkey have 26 spaces that all have a different lower case letter printed on them.

Take 26 bottle caps and write a capital letter on each so that your kids can match the capital bottle cap to the lower case letter on the turkey.

2. Contact Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree

This craft can be made as small or large as you wish. You can even use it as a large display to cover a wall, making it a great class project or decoration in a child’s bedroom.

You can use some contact paper as the base of the craft so you don’t have to decorate the wall directly.

Brown tissue paper or crumpled construction paper makes the tree trunks and branches and you can cut circles or leaves from fall-colored paper.

3. Fall Leaf Painting

This craft is not only fun for your kids but is also a good excuse to get them out of the house.

You will need to collect some leaves of different shapes and sizes and this can also be turned into an educational trip to learn about different trees.

Once you have your leaves, place them randomly onto a white piece of paper and paint them over with fall-colored paint.

When you remove the leaves, you will be left with the outline of the leaves.

4. Fall Mobile

This hanging decoration will brighten up any room and it will also encourage your kids to get out of the house.

The majority of the materials used for the mobile are natural, so take your kids out for a walk to find some twigs, leaves, acorns, and fir cones.

You will need some string or twine to put the mobile together and be careful when attaching it to harder items such as acorns or chestnuts.

Your kids will have great fun arranging their mobile and you can also teach them about balance and weight as you make it.

5. Fall Tree Craft

Help your kids make their own 3D and tall trees with this fun craft.

The trunk of the tree is made from paper rolls and you can choose how tall your tree is by cutting down your roll or using more than one.

To make sure that your tree is solid, cut slits into the bottom of the paper roll to imitate roots and stick these down to a cardboard base. You can use colored paper for the leaves.

6. Fall Yarn Wrapping

Not only can you make some cute fall objects with this craft, but your kids can also test out their fine motor skills at the same time.

All you need are some fall shapes cut out of cardboard and you can keep these simple, such as leaves, apples, and pumpkins.

Cut some notches into the sides of the shapes to make things easier as you wrap the yarn. Tape the end of a length of yarn to the back of the card and then wrap the card until it is covered.

This doesn’t have to be neat or uniform, instead wrap the cardboard from as many different angles as possible.

7. Glow Stick Broomsticks

Glow sticks are great fun for kids. From the satisfying crack sound when you activate them to their pretty colors, they’re an excellent base for crafts.

These broomsticks are best made with bracelet-style glow sticks as they are longer and thinner. You can usually find them for sale at Dollar Tree and similar stores.

The brush part of the broomstick is made from brown craft paper and you can add a Happy Halloween label.

8. Hand Print Spider Halloween Craft

If you’re ever short of an idea for a craft activity, then something involving handprints is always a great idea.

Kids love getting messy and making handprints is an easy way to get messy while also making a record of your kids as they grow up.

To make the spiders, cover your kid’s hand and fingers in black paint but leave their thumb bare.

The four fingers become the spider’s legs and with two handprints back to back, you’ll get a perfect eight-legged spider.

9. Leaf Rubbing Activity

Leaf rubbing is a great activity that is both a craft and educational at the same time. You will need to collect some leaves first so take your kids outdoors to find as many leaves as possible.

You can use several different types of paper and coloring mediums to get the best results and let your kids experiment to see which works best.

10. Paper Hanging Pumpkins

Get your home or classroom ready for Halloween with these beautiful hanging pumpkin decorations.

The pumpkins are easy to make and are assembled from orange pieces of paper that are all one inch thick and cut to specific different lengths.

The lengths of paper are then stapled together at the top and bottom with the shortest papers in the middle to the longest on the edges.

Once arranged correctly, the strips of paper will make the shape of a pumpkin. Add some green leaves and a piece of string so the pumpkin can be hung from the ceiling.

11. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Fall is harvest season and scarecrows are commonly used to protect crops from hungry birds.

You can make your own scarecrow from popsicle or craft sticks with this craft. The base of the scarecrow is seven sticks stuck side-by-side onto a cardboard base.

Glue the eighth stick across the top of the other sticks to make the brim of the scarecrow’s hat and then you can paint the hat brown.

The scarecrow’s face can be made from marker pens or colored pieces of paper.

12. Styrofoam Cup Spiders

Not only is fall the season of Halloween, but it’s also the time of year when you’ll find even more spiders crawling around.

Even some kids that don’t like real spiders will have fun making these spiders from styrofoam cups.

Kids can paint the cups with whatever color they want and then glue eight pipe cleaners to the base to make the spider’s legs.

Add some googly eyes and a smaller pipe cleaner as the mouth for the finishing touches.

13. Tin Can Pumpkins

Some of the best crafts are made from household items that would otherwise become trash and this craft is no exception.

Instead of throwing out your tin cans after emptying them of their contents, keep hold of them and turn them into tin can pumpkins.

Make sure the labels are fully removed and then paint the cans with orange paint. You may need to paint the cans several times depending on your paint to get full coverage.

Use a green pipe cleaner to make the vines and you can add a small twig as well.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Leaf Stamping Fall Tree Craft

Paper rolls such as those found in toilet paper and kitchen paper can always be used for crafts so having a stock of them is a good idea.

For this craft, it’s the edges of the rolls that are needed as when they’re a little squashed, they make an oval shape and become perfect for stamping leaf shapes.

Dip them in red, orange, and yellow paint to make a beautiful variety of fall-themed leaves.

15. Turkey Cone Craft

Your kids can make some cute turkey friends with this simple craft. The base of the turkey is just a piece of brown paper cut into a half circle and then folded together to make a cone.

Once you have your cone, you can decorate it with colorful feathers and bold facial features. If you make the cone large enough and add some elastic string, the turkeys can even become hats!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 15 enjoyable fall crafts for kids to make at home. Several crafts reflect the beauty of fall nature, whereas others look to Halloween and Thanksgiving to make fun crafts.

The materials used in many of these crafts can be found around the home and some require natural materials such as leaves and twigs. 

We hope that whatever crafts you choose for your kids, everyone enjoys them!

Helena Forsite