16 Best Spring Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

16 Best Spring Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

Spring is one of the best times of the year for making crafts with your kids.

It’s a season of bright flowers, baby animals, and warmer days and all of these are the perfect inspiration for crafts for kids.

Whether you’re looking for an activity to do at home with your child or for an activity a whole class can have fun with, we have the activity for you.

In this article, we have 16 of the best spring crafts for kids to make at home.

1. Bee Finger Puppet

Finger puppets are fantastic crafts to make as your kids not only get the fun of making the puppet, but they can also play with them afterward.

The puppet is easy to make as it only consists of two circles and two wings. As long as you get your sizes right, you will have a cute bee in no time!

Cut a couple of circles at the bottom of the bee’s body that are big enough for small fingers to slip through and decorate your bee.

2. Bubble Wrap Spring Blossom Tree

One of the enduring images of spring is the flowering of the cherry blossom tree.

This craft allows your kids to make their own trees with their pretty pink cherry blossoms and also makes use of any bubble wrap you have lying around the house.

The first step is to paint a bare tree that has several branches. When the tree is finished, paint some bubble wrap with pink and white paint and simply press it onto the paper like a stamp.

3. Butterfly Printing

This is a very quick and easy craft to make that is sure to entertain your kids. The butterflies are made from simple rectangular sponges that have a tight hair elastic in the middle.

The elastic pulls the middle together so that the edges on either side flair out like butterfly wings. Kids can then apply paint to the wings and use sponges as stamps.

4. Coffee Filter Rainbow Craft

Coffee filters are another household item that can be versatile craft materials.

They’re used in this craft to make beautiful rainbows and the porous nature of the filters means that the colors will run together a little to stunning effect.

You can use this craft to teach kids the colors of the rainbow and the rainbows look especially cute when paired with some fluffy paper clouds.

5. Cupcake Liner Butterfly

The arrival of spring brings with it the arrival of bugs and butterflies.

Your kids will have great fun making their own colorful butterflies with this craft which encourages them to use their imagination and choose their own color schemes.

The butterfly wings are made from cupcake liners that are decorated and then attached to pom poms with a wooden clothespin.

Add some pipe cleaner antenna and big eyes for the finishing touches.

6. Easter Bunny Craft

As well as spring being the season where baby rabbits start to appear, it also includes the Easter holidays so any craft that involves rabbits is sure to be a hit.

This is another craft that makes good use of items that would otherwise be thrown away as the body of the rabbit is made from a toilet roll cardboard tube.

The rabbit body and ears are cut from the tube and you can decorate the tube however you wish.

7. Egg Carton Bee Craft

Crafts are the ideal way to make use of any trash that would usually be thrown out and this craft uses empty egg cartons to make cute little bees.

You will need one section for each bee you want to make and depending on how old your kids are, you may need to cut these sections free first.

The black stripes of the bees are made with yarn and the wings are construction paper. Add some googly eyes and draw on a mouth to complete the bee’s cute face.

8. Felt Flower Crown Craft

Kids will be able to wear this craft throughout the spring season and into summer if they wish!

The instructions include a template with flower shapes but you can easily draw them by hand as well as they are simple shapes.

Cut out some flowers from the felt and attach them to a headband. By attaching some yarn to the ends of the headband, you can easily adjust it to fit your child’s head.

9. Footprint And Handprint Bouquet Of Flowers

Kids love getting messy with paint so any craft that involves footprints or handprints is always popular.

They’re great for parents too as they provide a permanent record of just how small your child’s hands and feet were when they were young.

This makes this craft not only ideal for spring, but also for Mother’s Day.

You will need to protect your floors from the paint and make sure that your kids don’t run away with paint on their feet, but the results are worth it.

10. Frog Card Craft

With this craft, you’re not only doing an activity that will entertain your kids for a couple of hours, but you will also make a greetings card that will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it.

The instructions include a template that you can print off so you don’t have to worry about drawing the frog freehand. The inside of the frog’s head leaves space for a written message.

11. Handprint Frog Craft

Our second frog craft in a row combines handprints and paper plates to make an adorable frog on a lily pad.

The frog is the outline of a hand cut out of green paper and when some eyes and a mouth are attached, it looks surprisingly like a frog!

A paper plate makes the lilypad and your kid can go wild on the colors of both the pad and the lily flower.

12. Paper Plate Flower Crafts

Paper plates are the unsung heroes of kids’ crafts as there are so many things you can make and do with them.

This craft uses the plates to make pretty but easy flowers. The petals are made by cutting out small sections of the parameter of the plates.

You may need to help your child with this step, depending on their motor skills and control. When the petals are cut, it’s time to paint the flower in whichever colors you want.

When the paint is dry, glue a green-painted craft stick to the back as a stem and add a couple of leaves.

13. Pretty Paper Straw Tulip

Your young ones can make their own colorful bouquets with this simple craft. The instructions include a template for the tulips but you can draw your own if you wish.

Cut out the tulips from construction paper in a variety of different colors, fold them like an accordion, and punch a hold in the center.

Then you can use a paper straw for the stem and add a couple of green leaves for the finishing touch. 

14. Q-Tip Lamb Craft

Spring is lambing season and if you live anywhere near a farm, you will have seen lots of lambs in the fields during springtime.

The wool of this lamb is made from the tips of Q-Tips which are then glued to the body of the lamb.

You don’t have to worry about being meticulously neat when placing the tips, just make sure that you cover the entire body.

15. String Art Flower Cards

Not only are these string art flower cards adorable, but they’re also great for practicing motor control.

They’re also an ideal way to use up any scraps of yarn you might have left over from larger projects.

Your kids will need to handle a needle and thread and then simply make large stitches across the flower in different colored yarns.

There’s no need for neatness or uniform lengths so encourage your kids to get a little messy and random with their stitches.

16. Yarn Butterfly Craft

This craft will teach your kids how to make even more cute bugs. The frame of the butterfly is made from craft sticks that are arranged in an X formation and tied together with yarn.

You can then begin weaving the yarn for the butterfly and it’s best if you use a different colored yarn from the one in the center.

The butterflies can then be decorated with pipe cleaners for the antennae and some beads for the body.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 16 of the best spring crafts for kids to make at home. The crafts covered a range of spring themes such as flowers and animals and used a wide variety of different materials.

Many of the crafts can be made with items around the house and don’t need any special supplies. We hope that the kids in your life have hours of fun with these spring activities.

Helena Forsite