A Handmade Non-Breakable Christmas Ornament For All The Family

Want to decorate your home for Christmas without worrying about your children or pets breaking your beautiful glass decorations?

A Handmade Non-Breakable Christmas Ornament For All The Family

Or do you want an ornament that will last for years and one that you can decorate the entire house with? No matter what the case is, we have the solution for you.

If you are in search of a handmade non-breakable Christmas ornament that you can make this year as a family, this article has many DIY project ideas for you to get your hands on.

All of them are quite easy to make, so it’s a great way to get your kids involved in the Christmas decoration from scratch.

Plastic Ball Ornaments

Do you know what’s really hard for a kid to break? Plastic.

That is why these huge plastic ball ornaments are a great idea for decorating your house’s interior and exterior areas.

When you are in the toy aisle in the store, get a few plastic balls – the ones the kids play with – and cover them with some festive fabric.

Depending on how big and heavy the balls are, you might need clothespins or chip clips to hold them in place. Once the holidays are over, you can give the balls to the kids and keep the fabric for next year’s decorations!

Colored Papier Mache Balls

Create these colorful uncrackable Handmade Christmas ornaments with a crystalline-style finish using high-gloss acrylic paints as well as a gloss finish.

Search your drawers and storage rooms for something to hang the balls from when you are finished painting them and waiting for them to dry.

Even though you can buy some ready-made papier mache if you are crafty and want to make some from scratch, use this tutorial that has all the information you need on how to make it.

Felt Olaf Ornaments

Kids go crazy whenever Frozen’s song “Let it Go” plays on the radio, so this ornament will have them jumping up and down around the Christmas tree singing along to the song over and over again (apologies, parents!).

Olaf is the beloved snowman of this kid’s animation film, but we bet you already know all about him.

To make this little snowman, all you need is some white felt which you will use for Olaf’s snowball body, and black felt for his mouth, brows, and buttons.

You can stick them all with some hot glue and either get an orange felt for the nose or paint a part of the white one and cut it in a carrot-nosed shape.

Walnut Rudolf Ornaments

Welcome Santa with these friendly-looking Rudolph ornaments. Their gleaming red noses will show him and his big belly the way to the cookies you’ve left underneath the Christmas tree.

These ornaments are very easy to make. Simply get some walnuts and start drilling their halves’ tops to create a small hole or by splitting them in half like in this tutorial. Then stick some small googly eyes like these ones from Amazon, some felt ears and a red felt nose.

Wood Bead Snowman Ornaments

We guarantee that this adorable DIY Frosty will not break while hanging on your Christmas tree during this festive period.

Made from wood, it is extremely durable, so unless you accidentally throw it in the fireplace, you can keep it for a very long time.

Painted with acrylic paint and threaded with a piece of knot to keep everything together, you can then use felt or even tiny buttons to dress your snowman up and give him eyes and a nose.

Alternatively, just have a look at this tutorial to learn how to make these wooden snowmen drawn with markers.

Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments

If you have many wooden balls left and don’t want to make yet another batch of wooden snowmen ornaments, these wood bead snowflakes are the perfect alternative.

These snowflake ornaments look very elegant and can easily be used to decorate the entire house. From the Christmas tree to the doorknobs, you can hand them anywhere you want.

If you are looking to buy some wooden beads, you can get some from Amazon.

As a heads-up, we should inform you that you need 48 wood beads for each ornament, so if you are planning on making some for the entire family, make sure to buy tons of them.

Pom Pom Ornaments

To make these pom pom festive ornaments, you need to get a pom pom maker. Other than that, crafting these pom pom ornaments is quite simple and involves basic crafting processes that require even more basic crafting skills.

The best thing about these ornaments is that you can decorate them with Christmasy cardstock shapes like Santa hats, antlers, and so on.

If you are crafting these pom pom ornaments with kids, make sure to use a low-temperature hot glue to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Wrapped Yarn Ornaments

What we like best about these bright DIY decorations is that you can craft them all year long.

For your Christmas decorations, you can make small or big Christmas trees using green yarn or make some snowflakes with white yarn and candy canes with white and red yarn.

Check out this tutorial for instructions on how to make some.

Flannel Embroidered Hoop Ornaments

There is just something about flannel that makes it look so festive, so there’s probably no better fabric to use when making unbreakable Christmas ornaments.

Try making these lovely and easy-to-make DIY embroidery hoop Christmas decorations and add whatever symbols and shapes you want on them!

Not only do they look adorable, but they are also very easy to change up and adjust to your friends’ and family’s interests and hobbies, so you can make some personalized gifts that everyone will appreciate.

Christmas List Ornaments

If your kids have been good this year and Santa knows it, make these Christmas list ornaments and have them write down the presents they want so that Santa can know what to get them.

Made with wooden spools, a ribbon, some white cardstock, rubber bands, and hot glue, these decorative lists can be hung on the Christmas tree, and you can even tell your little ones to write one present they want each day that passes by and they’ve been behaving well.

Twine Tree Ornaments

A Handmade Non-Breakable Christmas Ornament For All The Family

These mini-Christmas trees crafted with twine and metal are ideal for anyone who appreciates a farmhouse visual style.

They will add a rustic touch to any tree and bring you closer to your childhood years if you grew up in the countryside.

If you love decorating your tree with some fake snow or using silver-colored spray to color it, these ornaments’ earthy colors will look great on them.

And, if you live in the countryside and have a tree right outside your house, you can decorate it with these small trees!

The Bottom Line

Christmas is everyone’s favorite festive period and decorating the house with festive ornaments is many people’s favorite pastime.

If you love DIY crafting and want to decorate your house with a non-breakable handmade ornament that can last for years, this article has the best ideas for you to get crafting!

Helena Forsite