About Us

There’s nothing better than sitting down after a long, stressful day with a good craft or hobby - right? 

Hi, my name is Helena Forsite and I am a self-proclaimed crafter. I love everything to do with DIYs, baking, crafting, and more!

When I was younger, fresh out of college, I developed a pretty strong anxiety disorder. I found it difficult to go to work, socialize with friends, or even get out of the house at all. 

I locked myself away and let it manifest and grow stronger through my isolation. That was until, one day when my mother had invited herself around, she gave me a mindfulness coloring book. 

I thought she was mad - how would coloring stop me from feeling so lonely and stressed?

I tucked it away in the corner of my bookshelf for a few weeks, until one night I was so desperate that I got it back out with some colored pencils.

That night, I stayed up until 2 AM coloring the intricate designs.

It didn’t cure my mental health, but it took my mind off of the things that were stressing me out and did make me feel a little better. I was able to pull myself together and make an appointment with a trained therapist. 

Now, five years later, I am back in the workforce, I have a great husband and friendship group, and I craft every night. It keeps me relaxed and helps me work on my mindfulness. 

If this website helps anyone get into crafts, baking, or home DIYs, and helps their mental health as a result, then I would be overjoyed. Please, enjoy my website!