20+ Adorable Bunny Crafts for Kids

It doesn’t have to be Easter to get your kids invested in creating some adorable bunny rabbit crafts! Bunnies are one of the easiest animals to create DIY crafts with thanks to their distinctive yet simple look.

A pair of floppy ears, big teeth, and a cottontail is all you need to make a believable bunny rabbit. In fact, some crafts are as simple as adding those iconic ears! 

20+ Adorable Bunny Crafts for Kids

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at twenty-five adorable and simple bunny rabbit crafts that your kids can make with ease. Let’s get started!

1. Sock Bunnies

Got some old socks that you are thinking of getting rid of? Why not turn them into some cute bunny crafts (just remember to wash them thoroughly first!)? 

You will only need a small sock to make these, as well as some rice, felt, ribbon, clear rubber bands, a large pom-pom, and some googly eyes. 

You’ll use the rice to fill up the sock and the bands to tie around areas of the sock to create a head, ears, and body. 

2. Bunny Handprints

Handprint crafts are a super easy DIY craft to do with kids, and they work especially well for bunny rabbits as your child’s fingers can make the bunny ears perfectly. 

Alongside using their hands, you will also need a paintbrush, some construction paper, pink and white washable paint, and a black sharpie. 

3. Paper Bunny Handprints

If you would rather have a less messy handprint-themed craft, consider these paper bunny handprint crafts instead.

Simply trace the child’s hand onto some white card stock, so there will be no need for washing paint from their hands afterward! 

To make this, you will need that card stock as well as a pencil, scissors, glue, and a bunny template (or you could try drawing the bunny yourself freestyle). 

4. Foam Cup Bunnies

These sweet foam cup bunnies are really easy to make, but you can also change them up to make other animals too if you want to. 

You’ll need some eight-ounce foam cups as well as pipe cleaners, scissors, a hot glue gun, construction or scrapbook paper, a black marker, and some toothpicks. 

5. Paper Plate Bunnies

Another super easy craft to make, all you will need is some paper plates as well as various colors of card stock and pipe cleaners with some scissors, pencils and markers, paint, and a glue stick.

6. Newspaper Bunnies

Leftover newspapers are rife with potential for all sorts of crafts, including bunny rabbit-related crafts! 

Grab as many newspapers as you can along with some card stock, string, crayons or oil pastels, glue, markers, googly eyes, and buttons, and you are ready to make your newspaper bunny. 

7. Bunny Canvas Art

For something a little more versatile in terms of how it can be made and what you can make, bunny canvas art is also a possibility when it comes to rabbit crafts. 

Your kids can use absolutely anything creative to make their own canvas, from paints to crayons to paper and glue and more. 

8. Bunny Headband

This craft will leave you with something super cute and wearable for your kids and all you will need is a headband, a hot glue gun, craft foam, pencils, scissors, and some decorations of your choice. 

9. Popsicle Stick Bunnies

Another great choice when it comes to a craft that can be made via recycled items, these bunny popsicle sticks are a fun and easy way to amuse your kids.

10. Wooden Spoon Bunnies

If you have some old wooden spoons handy, then these wooden spoon bunnies could be the perfect way to get rid of them whilst providing your child with a fun and unique craft for them to try

11. Bunny Pudding Cups

Much like the spoon and popsicle stick bunnies, these pudding cup bunnies are an excellent choice when it comes to a simple, recycled DIY craft project for a little one. 

All you have to do is wash out the cups and grab some crafting tools- such as craft foam, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a glue gun- and you’re ready to go. 

12. Bunny Finger Puppets

These paper bunny finger puppet crafts are particularly great for younger kids as it allows them to work on strengthening the fine motor skills within their hands and fingers whilst allowing for a fun make and play activity. 

13. Bunny Bookmarks

These origami bunny bookmarks are a great way to encourage your children to read whilst also being a fun craft in their own right! 

14. Egg Carton Bunny

Another craft that allows you to recycle household items, these egg carton bunnies are incredibly easy to make! 

All you will need is some egg cartons, acrylic paint and a paintbrush, pink and white card stock, glue, scissors, and a black marker. 

15. Doily Bunny Craft

Swap out paper plates for some pastel doilies, and you can create some cute bunny crafts in the same way that you can make paper plate bunny crafts!

16. CD Bunny Craft

There are bound to be some old, leftover CDs in your home that you are planning to throw out, so why not use them for your little one to make some bunnies with?

17. Paper Bunny

You might find that you have a lot of leftover scraps of tissue paper in your home if your child is particularly fond of arts and crafts, and there are plenty of ways that you can use these scraps so that they don’t go to waste, such as with these paper bunny crafts. 

18. Thread Spool Bunnies

If there is a parent or caregiver in your household that is a fan of sewing, then you might find some old spools lying around. 

If so, these thread spool bunnies could be a great craft project for your child! 

19. Footprint Bunny

Much like with the handprint paint bunny crafts, these footprint crafts can be tons of fun, so long as you are willing to clean up afterward. Otherwise, you might risk painted bunny footprints all over your home!

20. Paper Strip Bunnies

These paper strip bunnies are a little bit more fiddly to make, so they may be more appropriate for older children. 

That being said, preschoolers and toddlers are more than capable of tackling them as long as you give them the proper support and supervision. 

21. Bunny Party Hats

Another wearable craft, these bunny paper hats will liven up any kid’s party as well as give them a fun crafting project to work on. 

22. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

There are always going to be cardboard toilet rolls to be found in the home, and they can easily be transformed into adorable bunny rabbits with this particular arts and crafts project. 

23. Bunny Jars

For a larger craft, these bunny-themed masonry jars are a fantastic choice that can be then used for storage once complete. 

24. Torn Paper Bunny

Fun, cute and creative, this torn paper bunny craft can be made with the given bunny template, some pom poms for the tail, pastel card stock, and the usual tools such as pencils, scissors, and glue. 

25. Bunny Garland

Just some yarn and scrapbook paper is all that’s needed to make this bunny garland, along with scissors and some crafting glue. 

So there you have twenty-five bunny rabbit-themed crafts that are sure to keep kids of all ages entertained. 

The only limits to the kinds of bunny rabbit crafts that you can make are yours and your child’s imaginations, so what are you waiting for? Go get to crafting some bunnies!

Helena Forsite