16 Best Crab Crafts To Try Yourself

Making projects with crabs is a terrific way to get your kids ready for the beach.

They’re also fantastic if you want to give your kids something worthwhile to do after a summer spent at sea. Or they might be the animal you adore and would like to see more of in your home. 

16 Best Crab Crafts To Try Yourself

Just like with any animal, there are in fact lots of crafts out there for you to try and do yourself.

We have done all the hard work for you and found 16 of the best crab crafts you and your little ones should try today. 

1. Crab Craft Origami

Origami may look complicated, yet everyone will be able to create these cute small crabs. The steps are really easy to follow, and you will be able to make a little army of origami crabs in no time.

All you need is a piece of paper, which can be any color that you wish. Once your crab is made, you can either draw on eyes or add googly eyes.

This craft may be difficult for really young children. Yet, older children and adults will be able to complete this craft easily. 

2. Crab Paper Roll Craft

By creating this creative crab toilet paper roll project, you can reuse used kitchen or toilet paper rolls. A fantastic craft project for youngsters this summer.

Either wrap the rolls in either colored card or paper. Or you could paint them any color instead. Then draw on a mouth and add eyes and legs.

3. Crab Corner Bookmark

Here is another origami craft for you to try. This one is a lot easier, and is ideal for anyone who loves to read but is always losing their place in the book.

Create a crab themed bookmark that easily slots over the corner of the page you are currently reading. With this bookmark it keeps the corner clean and crisp while keeping your place in the book. 

4. Popsicle Stick Crab Craft

By using supplies that you can easily find around your home, you and your little ones can create a much more durable and sturdy crab. This crab craft is much more durable than the ones made from paper.

Three popsicle sticks are used to create the body of the crab and then felt, and pipe cleaners are used to create the arms, legs and eyes. 

A really simple craft that is really hands-on and a lot of fun to make.

5. Crab Puppet Craft

Make your own crab puppets, either using a simple template that you can download online, or make your own design.

This craft only requires 4 things including: paper, glue, a popsicle stick and a marker. 

Cut out the crab pieces from the paper, stick them together and onto the popsicle stick. Then you will have your crab.

You can use the marker to add eyes and a mouth. A really fun craft that your children will enjoy paying with. 

6. Crab Paper Plate Craft

Paper plates are a necessary component of every creative endeavor because of their adaptability and simplicity.

Although the typical crab is red or orange, there are many more types as well, including blue and even vivid purple.

Encourage your children’s imagination as they create several iterations of this crab to stimulate their minds.

You can either print out the crabs’ heads and legs. Or you can create your own utilizing what you already have.

You can get creative by adding googly eyes and drawing your own legs to stick on as well.

7. Crab Shells

Everyone loves going to the beach and coming home with a handful of shells. Yet, these cells don’t have to clutter up your window sills, you can use them to make cute crabs instead.

Turn a dull shell into a brightly colored crab by painting them red orange and adding pipe cleaner legs. In fact, you don’t have to stop crabs, you could also make turtles as well. 

8. Crab Hats

Make some cute yet quirky hats for your little ones. These are great for a quick little craft that you and your children can do together.

Or if you are having an under the sea themed party, they make the ideal party hats. Use any colored card you have and add eyes, legs, arms and a funny face. These hats will keep your little ones amused. 

9. Walking Crab Puppets

The legs of the crab are what allow this craft to move. It’s really entertaining to see how the legs, which are formed of accordion folds, provide a slight bouncy motion when it walks.

You can simply build this crab puppet by downloading and printing a printable crab craft template online. After you have made multiple walking crabs, you can race them to see whose is the fastest. 

10. Crab Paper Cups Craft

These crab paper cups are a great craft to make. Yet, you can then take the end result to be used at the beach to collect sand in. Choose any color of plastic or styrofoam cup.

Then you can add googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make the cup look more like a crab. Children will enjoy playing with what they have made at the beach.

11. Crab Crochet

For anyone who loves to spend some time crocheting, then why not create your own little crochet crab. These crabs may take a bit of time to create, but the effort is definitely worth it.

There are various different types of crochet crabs that you can make. Thus, you may want to look around to find a design you like. 

12. 3D Crab Beading

Create a little keepsake of your adventures from the beach. Grab some wire and beads and create your own 3D crab.

On the outside, this process can look complicated, but there are lots of tutorials online that help you with every step of the way.

Additionally, they may take time to create, but they are a fun project to try on a rainy day. 

Give these little beaded crabs as gifts or use them as ornaments in your home. 

13. Pipe Cleaner Crab Craft

Get your hands on some pipe cleaners and some googly eyes. That’s all you need to make an extremely soft and fluffy pipe cleaner crab. It is up to you how big or small you make these crabs.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make these crabs in no time. There are various pipe cleaner animals you and your children could make together. 

14. Handprint Crab

Get your little ones to make a keepsake of their time at the beach with the crabs. Paint their hands with red or orange paint and press them onto a piece of paper. Their hands are what make up the body of the crab.

Then allow your little one to draw or paint their beach around the crab. The end result will be a personal reminder of their time at the beach. Which you can also keep forever. 

15. Recycled CD Crab

Do you have any old CD’s lying around? Then why not make good use of them! 

Turn those old CD’s into crabs using red cards, tissues paper and googly eyes. It’s a gelato that recycles something that is just cutting your home.

After you have made these crabs, you could hang them up using string or wire to create a nice display in your children’s room. 

16. Stone Crab Painting

Similar to the shell craft mentioned earlier on in this article, why not create stones you have collected into crabs as well.

You can either paint the stone red and add pipe cleaner legs and arms alongside googly eyes. Or for older children and adults, you may want to draw on your stones inside and draw and paint a crab onto the stone or rock. 

However, it is important to note that you must make sure that you have a stone or rock big enough if you decide to draw a crab onto the stone.

Yet, the end results will create a sweet crab that you have made for yourself, that you can keep. Which can then remind you of the time when you collected that stone or rock.


You may not have realized, but there are in fact lots of different crab crafts that you can try out for yourself.  Mostly, they are a great way to get your little ones creative during the summer or to remind them of their time at the beach.

There are a lot of crafts out there surrounding crabs for all ages.

We hope you have found this article insightful, and found a crab craft that you want to try either yourself or with your little ones.

Helena Forsite