12 Best Egg White Recipes You Can Make!

Whether you have a recipe that calls for egg yolks only, and have some egg whites spare, or you’re just keen to try to some recipes that make use of egg whites, then these recipes that we’ve collected will help to make you realize just how versatile of an ingredient egg whites can be!

12 Best Egg White Recipes You Can Make!

So with recipes stemming all the way from breakfast to dessert, here are 12 of the best recipes using egg whites that you can make!

Paleo Bread

Working on a primal diet, then this paleo bread recipes is going to be an excellent way of filling that craving for super doughy and crumbly bread that fills you up!

On a paleo diet, grains are strictly off limit, which is why this excellent bread recipe has no grains included, and is comprised simply of ingredients that you can easily find lying around your pantry. 

So if you’re craving a sandwich whilst on a paleo diet, then you should definitely consider making this paleo bread, it’s also completely gluten and dairy free too, which makes it great for anyone who wants to avoid those types of ingredients. 

Keto Granola

Keto diets can be stressful to follow, especially if this is your first time avoiding carbs, which is where this super filling keto granola recipe comes in to save the day!

Providing you with all the nutrients you need and leaving you with a full stomach. 

This recipes is also customizable, so you can or remove whatever you’d like to your hearts content, which makes it an excellent option for people who are find themselves being quite fussy about what they eat.

This recipe makes a great addition to any sort of meal prep plan too, as you can store it in an airtight container at room temperature, and as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight, it will last for up to two weeks! 

Hot Choc Cupcakes

Nothing says delicious in the way that a super rich and chocolatey cupcake does, which is why we’re so addicted to this hot chocolate cupcake recipe! 

The slight spice of the cupcake with the combined with the super sticky marshmallow frosting is going to be sure to impress anyone whether they’re 6 years old or 60 years old, so you’ll definitely be wanting to make these if you know that you’ve got guests coming round. 

You can also add a little bit of cinnamon to the chocolate cupcake if you want to try to and warm them up a bit more, which makes for a great winter treat. 

Spinach And Mushroom Egg Frittata

This recipe is a super healthy breakfast option, and is a great way to pack your breakfast with some super tasty flavors too, which makes it a great change from the usually oats! 

Another great thing, is that this recipe is excellent for those who are trying to cut down on portion sizes, as this recipe only makes a singular portion.

Spinach and mushrooms make excellent additions to this recipe, but you are also completely free to add some other veggies too, such as broccoli or red bell peppers, so switch it up however you like!

Angel Cake

Who knew a slice of heaven was achievable from just 6 super simple ingredients? Don’t believe me, then you should certainly check out this angel cake recipe!

The best thing about this heavenly recipe, is that it’s completely guilt free, with low fat ingredients, this cake has a wonderful texture and is ultra light, so you can eat it without having to worry too much. 

You can serve this alongside some delicious berries too, so you can choose some of your favorite fruit and serve it right after your dinner to really top off your meal! 

Egg White Muffins

Want something low carb? Full of protein and veggies? Then we have just the recipe for you to enjoy next time you’re looking something a little different at breakfast time.

These make-ahead muffins are a way of packing your breakfast with everything you need to absolute smash your day. 

So no matter what veggies you plan on adding to your egg white muffins, they’re bound to be a resounding success alongside some hot morning coffee.

We recommend packing these muffins with tomatoes, spinach, or even some peppers. If you want to add a new dimension to these muffins, why not add some meat?

Bacon, chicken, or even salmon would make excellent additions to this dish.

Coconut Macaroons

Crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside is a combination has long been popular when it comes to food, which is why these coconut macaroons make for such a wonderful dish. 

Whether it’s for passover, or you’re just trying to avoid some gluten, then you can make use of some shredded coconut as well as some eggs, then you are just a short 30 minutes away from some of the nicest tasting macaroons that you will have!

You can change this recipe around a little bit depending on how you prefer them, more coconut makes them much lighter, or you can whip up your whites and sugar together to make them especially crunchy. 

Choc Chip Clouds

Searching for great gluten free post-dinner treats?

Then this recipe has your back, these choc chips clouds consists simply of egg whites, chocolate chips, and sugar, as well as a couple more, these cloudy meringues will simply melt inside of your mouth. 

So with 6 simple ingredients, and a just under an hour of your time, you can have these tasty dessert treats ready to serve up and ready to enjoy! 

Mexican-Style Egg White Omelete

What makes a good recipe? To us, it’s something that is fulfilling, easy to customize, and great tasting.

Which is what makes this Mexican-style egg white omelette an absolute success, so why not learn how to make it!

Eggs are a pantry staple, as are many of the other ingredients which are included in a recipe, so if you have things that are running out of their use by date, then this great brunch time meal is going to suit you well. 

This omelette makes use of some Mexican staple ingredients to really give off that vibe, so make you include plenty of jalapenos and cotija cheese!

Chocolate Cookies

Leftover egg whites? These are a great way of using up any spares you might have leftover, plus they’re completely flourless, which makes them gluten free too. 

These yummy cookies are super chewy, and require a lot less effort to perfect than you would imagine.

In fact, you don’t even need a mixer, just a simple whisk will allow you to make these super gorgeous cookies. 

So what are you waiting for, get on baking!

Pavlova Perfection

In need of a serious dessert option that is going to wow your guests, but you also want to make use of some leftover egg whites, this pavlova recipe is going to be sure to blow your guests away whilst using up some pantry leftovers. 

Hailing from New Zealand, this dessert is super lightweight, which makes it the perfect ending to a 3 course meal or buffet.

But be warned though, as there are a lot of different aspects that go into ensuring that your pavlova is perfect, so it might well be the case that your first few attempts end badly!

Serve alongside some strawberries and kiwi, and this pavlova is going to have your guests asking you for the recipe long after you’ve made it!

Keto Cheetos

Need something for matchday?

Then these keto cheetos are sure to serve you well, their light and crunchy texture combined with their super cheesy taste is going to win over even the biggest fan of actual cheetos, and with these cheetos you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty for eating too many of them!

These will last up to 4 days in any airtight container, but we can assure you that they will most certainly not last that long when it comes to it, and they’ll be gone in no time at all!

This recipe doesn’t even call for an extensive ingredients list either, so they’re simple to make too! 


In conclusion, egg whites are a super popular ingredient, and are extremely versatile too, which is why although leftover egg whites might seem like a potential for food waste at first, there are many ways that you can incorporate them into other recipes!

So, whether you decide to make your breakfast super healthy with the keto granola, or treat yourself to the choc chip clouds for that perfect midday treat, there’s something for everyone!

Helena Forsite