16 Best Father’s Day Crafts To Make At Home

16 Best Father’s Day Crafts To Make At Home

Father’s Day is fast approaching and nothing says how much your kids care for their Dad like a homemade gift does.

There are many different crafts that kids can make at home for Father’s Day from cards to pencil holders and if you’re looking for some ideas, this article can help.

We have 16 of the best Father’s Day crafts to make at home. Many use craft supplies that you will find around the house and they’re all fun to make.

1. Best Dad Awards

Your kids can celebrate their father’s greatness with these best dad awards. There are two different crafts to choose from here: the first creates a rosette-style badge and the other is a popsicle stick list of achievements.

The rosette badge is easy to make as it is simply two folded-paper fans stuck together to make a circle.

The popsicle stick craft can be customized however you wish and your kids will enjoy picking out things to write.

2. Dad Rocks Card

This craft runs with a dad joke and bad pun to make a fun card. It’s also a good excuse to get the kids out of the house as they will need to collect some rocks in order to make their cards.

Once you have your rocks and pebbles, let your kids paint them so that your rock Dad has some clothes and a face.

When the paint has dried, the rocks can be glued to a card.

3. Father’s Day Coupons

These coupons will brighten not only Dad’s day but also his entire year. With this craft, you can create a book of vouchers that Dad can use when and where he wants.

The template included in the tutorial has vouchers for situations such as mowing the lawn, movie night, and breakfast in bed.

There is also a voucher with a free space so you can create your own.

4. Felt Pennants

Pennants are a familiar sight at a variety of sporting events and this craft allows you to make some specifically for Dad.

You can choose to make them from the colors of Dad’s favorite sports team or choose a unique color scheme just for him.

For the lettering, either cut out pieces of felt or get inventive with some string to spell out your message.

5. Footprint Rocket Card

Father’s Day cards are one of the easiest and best crafts to make for Father’s Day and there are several ideas on this list.

Make a personalized rocket card using one of your child’s footprints.

The footprint becomes the core of the rocket and this can then be decorated with wings and a payload made from colored paper or drawn with colored pens.

Add a few stars and space decorations for the finishing touches.

6. Handprint Craft

You will need some cooperation from Dad to make this craft so if you’re looking for a surprise gift, you may want to avoid this one.

Young kids grow up quickly so marking their growth is an ideal way to celebrate Father’s Day.

This handprint craft uses hand prints of both daddy and child to make a commemoration of their relationship and exactly how small those little hands are.

Once you’ve captured the handprints, you can frame the picture to make a lasting keepsake.

7. Jar Lid Medal

Show the world that Dad is the best by giving him a medal. You will need some lids from glass jars for this craft so make sure not to throw them away.

The surface of the medal is made from air dry clay and you can choose some bright colors to make these medals look particularly vibrant and special.

Use one color as the base and different colors for the symbols or writing on the medal.

A couple of ribbons add the finishing touches and don’t forget to stick a safety pin on the back so that Dad can wear his medal.

8. Monster Hug Father’s Day Card

These unique and adorable Father’s Day cards will allow your kids to bring out their inner monsters.

The base of the card is a monster and you can let your kids have fun drawing whatever monster they want.

Simple shapes are best so make sure they don’t go too overboard.

Draw around the kid’s hands to make the hands of the monster and then continue drawing the long arms. Glue the arms to the card and decorate the monsters.

9. Paper Roll Father’s Day Crafts

Some of the best crafts are made from everyday household items that would otherwise become trash, and this craft is no different.

The base of the craft is a paper roll, such as those found in the middle of toilet paper or towel paper.

The kids can paint the roll or use colored paper to make an image of their father and a pair of googly eyes will add the perfect finishing touch.

10. Pencil Cup Holder

This craft is ideal for any Dad that works at a desk all day, regardless of whether it’s in an office or at home.

He’ll never lose a pen or pencil again with this cute holder. The core of the holder is a metal can such as a soup can.

Using a glue gun, the can is then decorated with some fabric to look like a shirt and collar. Add some buttons and a tie for the perfect Father’s Day pen holder.

11. Photo Tower

This photo tower makes an ideal keepsake for Dad to leave on his desk while he’s at work. It will require some drilling, but the kids can get involved in putting the tower together.

You will need some wooden blocks that have been drilled in the middle.

The blocks can be painted and decorated so that they aren’t just plain wood before you stick some family photos to them.

The tower can then be assembled using some bolts so that the wooden blocks can spin around.

12. Popsicle Father’s Day Card

This Father’s Day card stands out from the other cards you can craft because of its popsicle design.

The instructions include three templates you can use as the base of your card but you can easily make your own design from scratch as well.

Once your card has been designed and decorated and any paint or glue used is dry, you simply stick the card to a popsicle stick.

For the best results, use two pieces of card with the popsicle stick in the middle.

13. Salt Dough Picture Frame

A picture frame is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and this salt dough picture frame adds a handmade touch to it as well.

The salt dough is made from flour, salt, water, and some food coloring and your kids can get involved with the mixing and shaping of the dough.

Roll out the dough into three equal pieces and shape them to make the letters ‘DAD.’ You will need to bake the dough for around four hours or until it is firm.

Once it’s cooled, you can glue some pictures into the holes formed by the letters.

14. Scribble Mug

Your kids can easily make a unique mug for their Dad’s coffee breaks with this craft. You will need a plain white ceramic mug and after giving it a good clean, decorate it with some stickers.

Let the kids go wild with drawing and coloring on the mug and then remove the stickers to reveal white shapes in their coloring.

The colors can be set by baking the mug in the oven, although you may have to be careful when washing the outside of the mug later.

15. Shirt Origami Card

This is another card idea but it stands out from the others because it’s made from origami.

This card is best for older kids to make on their own or for patient adults who are willing to help younger kids.

You can use plain white paper for the shirt or have fun with some colored and patterned paper. When the shirt has been folded, you can open it up to leave a message inside.

16. Tie-Shaped Bookmark

This is the ideal Father’s Day craft for any Dad that loves to read. It uses tear art to fill the shape of the tie so get your kids shredding some newspaper in preparation for this craft.

The instructions have a template for the tie shape and once your newspaper is shredded, simply glue on the pieces until the entire tie is covered.

Tidy the edges of the tie and you can add decorations or a border if you wish.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 16 of the best Father’s Day crafts to make at home. We included a wide variety of ideas such as cards, picture frames, and bookmarks.

Whatever craft idea you’re looking for, we hope you found something in this article that suited your needs. Happy Father’s Day!

Helena Forsite