22 Best Gluten Free Dessert Recipes That You’re Sure To Love

If you struggle with gluten intolerance, you already know how difficult it can be to find foods that agree with you. And sadly, for those of you who have a sweet tooth, this also includes desserts.

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Best Gluten Free Dessert Recipes That You’re Sure To Love

However, I’ve got some really good news to report. I’ve been scouring the net to find the best gluten-free dessert recipes, and I just can’t wait to share my findings with you!

I’ve got some great ones lined up, with all those delicious flavors we all know and love – from chocolate and vanilla through to strawberry and coconut. You’ll be sure to find something that will catch your eye.

And get those taste buds ready, because here we go!

1. Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake Recipe From Iowa Girl Eats

We’re going to kick things off with a banger – check out this gluten-free strawberry shortcake icebox cake recipe! It’s light, creamy, refreshing, and delicious – a perfect summer time treat.

The recipe yields 9 servings and only requires 5 ingredients to make, namely strawberries, gluten-free cookies, whipping cream, vanilla extract, and sugar.

2. Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe From Chew Out Loud

OMG, this dessert is luscious – silky, rich, smooth, and oh-so chocolate-y! And, not only do you get an intense chocolate hit, but you also get a coffee hit too!

You will need to make it ahead of time because it has to be left to chill overnight, but I can promise you, it’s 100% worth it!

3. Pavlova (A Naturally Gluten Free Dessert) Recipe From Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake

For those of you who don’t already know, a pavlova is basically a meringue dessert that’s crunchy on the outside, marshmallow-y on the inside.

This particular pavlova recipe features a delicious vanilla flavored meringue base, vanilla flavored whipped cream, and a delicious strawberry sauce, complete with fresh berries!

4. S’mores Gluten Free Icebox Cake Recipe From Peel With Zeal

If you love to enjoy s’mores around the campfire, then boy have I got a great gluten-free dessert for you!

It has layers of gluten-free graham crackers, marshmallows, and a silky, rich chocolate ganache. There’s no baking required, you simply leave it to chill until ready to eat.

5. Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding Recipe From Insanely Good Recipes

This smooth, velvety dessert is the ultimate chocolate treat – so decadent and rich!

This is a super simple recipe that yields 4 servings and requires only easy to source ingredients. What’s more, it’s also very versatile, and you can make all kinds of variations – check the link for more details.

6. No-Bake Coconut Mango Cheesecake Bites Recipe From Heartbeet Kitchen

OMG, this dish is delicious! It’s cool, creamy, and fruity too, and there’s no baking required.

You make them in a muffin tin, and they have a simple almond and date crust. It features such ingredients as cream cheese, coconut cream, vanilla bean paste, melted coconut oil, and ripe mango flesh!

7. Classic Rice Pudding Recipe From BBC Good Food

This simple dish from over the pond in the UK is very easy to make – all you need to do is combine the ingredients, stir, and pour into a baking tin to bake for an hour and a half.

It’s deliciously creamy and filling and makes excellent comfort food. It’s flavored with the likes of vanilla and ground nutmeg, and you can serve it up with your favorite jam!

8. Classic No Bake Chocolate And Peanut Cookies Recipe From Insanely Good Recipes

Yum! These crunchy cookies are deliciously crunchy and decadent, and if you make them with gluten free quick oats, they won’t cause any gluten intolerance problems.

The cocoa powder pairs perfectly with the crunchy peanut butter, they’re simple to make, and they’re ready to eat in less than 20 minutes tops.

9. Gluten-Free Strawberry Blondie Bars Recipe From Heartbeet Kitchen

Just WOW – this dessert has got all the flavors of strawberry shortcake and a sugar cookie, with a melt-in-your mouth texture, and the signature crackly top of a brownie.

These blondies come out amazingly chewy, gooey, creamy and rich, thanks to the addition of melted white chocolate. It’s also got fresh strawberries, vanilla and sliced almonds – yum!

10. Chili Chocolate & Black Bean Brownies Recipe From BBC Good Food

If you’ve never tried chili flavored chocolate before, boy, you are in for a treat! What’s more, in this recipe, black beans replace the flour to make the brownies entirely gluten-free.

They come out super fudgy and chocolatey, with a subtle hint of chili that will have you craving more!

11. Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe From Insanely Good Recipes

While some recipes can be quite costly when you’re buying 7 or more ingredients, this delicious recipe features just 3 ingredients. What’s more, it’s ready to eat in just 5 minutes.

The ingredients include just butter, creamy peanut butter and powdered sugar. You will need to make it ahead of time, because it needs to be chilled for at least 2 hours before eating. Definitely worth the wait though!

12. Easy Strawberry Sorbet Recipe From A Couple Cooks

Sorbets are so cool and refreshing – perfect for a hot summer’s day! This delicious gluten-free dessert has a frosty texture, just like Italian gelato, and every bite packs a sweet, fruit hit.

What’s more, it only requires 5 ingredients in total, can be made in just 2 steps, and is relatively low in calories, coming in at just 134 calories per serving.

13. Gluten-Free Chocolate Crêpe Cake With Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Recipe From Heartbeet Kitchen

This is such a rich, decadent, and indulgent dessert – perfect for chocolate lovers!

It features layer upon layer of chocolate flavored gluten-free crêpes, and comes topped with a delicious cocoa and hazelnut cream. I love it garnished with chocolate curls and toasted hazelnuts to serve!

14. Easy Strawberry Mousse Recipe From BBC Good Food

This super simple recipe takes just two steps to make and only requires a mere 3 ingredients, specifically fresh strawberries, caster sugar and double cream.

It features a delicious strawberry purée at the base, followed by a creamy strawberry mouse for the nest layer, and comes topped with fresh strawberries to serve.

15. Bananas Foster For One Recipe From One Dish Kitchen

OMG, this famous New Orleans dessert is absolutely amazing! It features a sinful blend of warm, sweet bananas, brown sugar and butter caramel sauce, and I also recommend adding a splash of dark rum!

It goes great served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, and it’s ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

16. Homemade Gluten-Free Cherry Pie Recipe From Heartbeet Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking from scratch, this classic gluten-free cherry pie should be right up your alley! There’s no canned pie filling, you just use tart (sour) cherries cooked on the stovetop.

And to make a gluten-free pie crust, you use ingredients completely free of xantham gum, and it comes out wonderfully flaky!

17. Salted Tahini Caramel Millionaire Bars Recipe From Ambitious Kitchen

OMG – this dish is to die for! Salted caramel millionaire bars with a shortbread cookie base, salted tahini caramel filling and an amazing dairy free chocolate topping.

What’s more, it’s both vegan and paleo diet friendly, gluten-free, and each serving comes to just 257 calories. So decadent, sweet and rich, and the salt really adds depth to the flavor.

18. Mojito Possets Recipe From BBC Good Food

If you love mojito cocktails, you should definitely check out this delicious gluten-free recipe – it makes for an excellent, light palate cleanser after a heavy main course.

It features ingredients such as double cream, fresh mint leaves, lime zest and juice, caster and icing sugar, and of course boozy white rum – simply amazing!

19. Perfect Chocolate Bark Recipe From A Couple Cooks

I just love how crunchy and flavorful this gluten-free dessert is. What’s more, it’s both salty and sweet, which makes for quite the combination! It’s got dark chocolate, dried cranberries, chopped pistachios, coconut flakes and sea salt.

It’s super simple to make and unbelievably, each serving comes in at a mere 78 calories. I can taste it now!

20. Coconut Butter Dipped Strawberries Recipe From Heartbeet Kitchen

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. In this recipe, all you have to do is roll some cool, fresh strawberries in melted coconut butter, before rolling them to coat them in a dusting of ground pistachio nuts. Simple yet delicious!

21. Neapolitan Parfaits Recipe From My Gluten Free Kitchen

Coming from a website like My Gluten Free Kitchen, you know you can rest assured that there’s no gluten whatsoever in this dessert. And it tastes amazing!

It’s got gluten-free chocolate muffins, fresh strawberries and creamy vanilla yogurt, and you can make it in just 5 minutes.

22. Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches Recipe From Spend With Pennies

And now, we’re going to go out with a bang! This recipe features ripe peaches, brushed with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and grilled until tender. Trust me, it’s amazing!

Wrap Up

I hope my hand-picked selection of the best gluten-free dessert recipes on the net has inspired you to try your hand at making one. Enjoy!

Helena Forsite