13 Best Man Made DIY Crafts For Men To Try

Crafts don’t just have to be paper, sprinkles, and bright colors. In addition to that, when people think of crafts and crafting, they may think that is a more female populated hobby. Yet, crafts can be for men as well.

Crating also includes upcycling, woodwork and building. Thus, you may have an interest which is actually considered a craft without you realizing. 

13 Best Man Made DIY Crafts For Men To Try

In this article, we have put together the 13 best man made DIY crafts for men to try out themselves. As a result, if you are feeling bored or want something to do, then have a go at one of these crafts listed below.

1. DIY Cutting Board

A cutting board is a must in any kitchen.  A striped cutting board is a simple and enjoyable DIY project.

You can always do checks if stripes aren’t your thing. Although, for a beginner, stripes may be easier, but if you are up for the challenge then checks would be ideal.  

Therefore, you can begin your project once you’ve planned your board and chosen at least three distinct varieties of wood. The different varieties will add different tones and hues to your cutting board. 

2. Starship Enterprise Origami

Origami can be for men as well as women. Yet, it all depends on what you make.

There are a ton of Star Trek products available, but why not create your own? To begin, you’ll require a piece of this origami paper. Other than that, you’re good to go. The only equipment needed for origami is a pair of nimble hands.

It is important that you make sure the paper is a minimum 8″ by 8″ in size. You may choose any hue, however, the preferred color would be white or gray paper.

3. Baseball Bookends

Baseball bookends are a fun DIY project for sports fans! In a house full of elaborate and beautiful designs, why not add your own sports-themed decor.

Find a few squares of wood and grab your tape measure, drill, screwdriver, and some wooden screws. Your baseball is the last item on the list. 

You will need a couple of basketballs to complete your bookends.  Simply paint your bookends or experiment with decoupage art patterns for the finishing touches.

The design is completely up to you, so you can make them personal as you like. Whether that be making generic baseball bookends, or they may pay homage to your favorite team or player. 

4. Beer Caddy

If you enjoy building, then creating a beer caddy would be a terrific DIY project. Once you focus on a pattern and blueprint, building a beer caddy is actually quite simple.

In addition, it would look fantastic in any room. So choose some lumber, purchase a drill with a hole saw, and start building your beer container. 

5. Tripod Camping Stool

Do you enjoy spending time outside and going camping or fishing? You must then undoubtedly travel with a few foldable stools. 

Why don’t you construct this gorgeous wooden tripod? It will blend in with the environment, and you may also change the size. Purchase some wood dowels for the tripod legs. 

Additionally, look for some leather or other sturdy material for the seat. Really simple to create, and they can be much more durable than the stools you purchase. 

6. Beer Bottle Torches

You know what might spice things up if you were hosting an outside party or a nighttime barbecue? Obviously, beer bottle torches.

Instead of throwing your old beer bottles away, recycle them and turn them into unique torches. 

 For this project, you will need a few replacement wicks, hex nuts, couplings, caps and top plate connectors. This craft is a bit more technical, but the end result will be something you will be proud to show off in your garden. 

Just keep in mind that these torches should only be powered by fuel designed for outdoor use.

7. Magnetic Bottle Opener

The days of popping the cap off your drink at the side of the counter are long gone.

Instead, let’s work on using these magnetic bottle openers, which use neodymium magnets. These magnets are widely available at all local hardware stores. 

Then all you need to do is choose the wood you want for the board. Your bottle cap will be caught by the magnet before it lands.

Never again will you have to search for the caps, as they will be caught straight away. 

8. Recycled Tire Coffee Table

Do you have a den or man cave at home? Then this coffee table made from recycled tires would be the ideal statement piece for your space. If you don’t already have a tire to upcycle, don’t panic, as you can buy one. 

Choose a wood stain for the table surface once you’ve put the table together to stylishly complete this do-it-yourself project. You and all your friends will love this stylish coffee table. 

9. License Plate Key Hanger

Some people collect coins, while others collect stamps. However, if you enjoy collecting vintage license plates, this do-it-yourself idea is for you. Take a moment to gather your supplies, including some paintbrushes, acrylic paint, piece of wood and tacky glue. 

This is a really simple project to complete in a couple of hours. Also, it includes items that you may already have around the house. Never again will you lose your car or house keys. 

10. Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Have you thought about installing an elevated garden bed in your yard if you enjoy gardening? Although you could just purchase ready-made garden beds, this DIY project is enjoyable and simple enough to complete in an afternoon.

You’ll require your cedar lumber to begin with. It is available at your neighbourhood hardware shop. In addition to that you will need a saw, drill and measuring tape.  

Once your supplies have been collected, and you have decided on the big you want it to be. Then you can put on your safety glasses and begin right away!

11. Wallet Made From A Old Boot

Do you have a pair of worn-out leather boots lying around from years ago? Yet, you do not possess the guts to toss them away.

Instead of throwing them away, why not create them into a stylish leather wallet. Grab your rotary cutter and sewing awl and get started. 

Depending on the boots you are cutting up, you should be mindful of any patterns on the leather boots.  Any ornamental patch design on

it should be saved, so you may use it as a wallet cover. Hence, you can then create a unique leather wallet by recycling your old leather boots. 

12. Comic Book Coasters

Comic book coasters might be effective if there was ever a method to encourage males to use coasters.

You may have a complete comic strip running through your home if you produce enough of them, and they are simple to make. You’ll require a small amount of clear glaze, wooden or ceramic tiles, and a corner rounder.  

Don’t forget to spread out several newspapers as well because things are bound to become a little messy. However, in a few minutes you’ll be able to create a large amount of coasters that can be displayed or used all around our house.

13. Tool Rack

If you’re looking for ways to organize your tools, installing a tool rack is something you should think about doing next.

Why would you want to store all of your tools in a box, locked away? Instead, you ought to proudly show them there, clean and well-maintained. You must construct a conventional pegboard rack with a slat structure. 

One of the best methods for organizing your tools is this one because it is easy, inexpensive, and straightforward. Once you are finished, you will have an impressive craft to easily organize all your tools. Which also makes it easy to find particular tools when you next need them.


There are various different types of crafts out there that men can participate in. You may have been surprised at the broad range of crafts specifically for men.

We have shown you 13 awesome man made DIY crafts that any man (or women) could try out for themselves. From making your own coasters or bookends, to creating beer bottle openers or beer torches.

There are a wide range of things to do, no matter if it is for your home, man cave or in the garden. Additionally, a lot of these crafts help you to recycle even more around your home, so that nothing goes to waste. 

We hope you have found this article interesting. While also discovering some new crafts that you may want to try yourself when you next have a free afternoon.  

Helena Forsite