16 Best Paper Plate Crafts To Make At Home

16 Best Paper Plate Crafts To Make At Home

When it comes to making crafts at home, paper plates are one of the most important and versatile craft supplies you can have in your craft box.

Paper plates can be used in so many activities from masks to fans and the only limit is your imagination. 

In this article, we have the 16 best paper plate crafts to make at home.

1. Cookie Monster Puppet

This is the perfect craft for any Sesame Street fan or cookie lover. It’s made from a single paper plate that is painted black on the inside and blue on the outside.

Once the paint has dried, fold the plate in half so that the black side is inside. Cookie Monster’s big and bold eyes are made from two paper rolls that have been painted blue and have white covers.

The finishing touch for this craft is a paper cookie that can be put into Cookie Monster’s mouth.

2. Easter Paper Plate Basket

Get ready for Easter with this fun craft. Paint two paper plates brown and once dry, glue them together.

Cut off the top third of the plates and then glue on strips of brown craft paper in a crisscrossing horizontal and vertical pattern to make the impression of a woven basket.

Use a ribbon for a handle to finish your basket. You can also make eggs out of construction paper to put inside your basket.

3. Emoji Paper Plates

You can use these emoji paper plates for a variety of reasons, such as for parties or to help teach children about emotions.

The first step is to paint the plate bright yellow so that it looks like an emoji. For the handles, paint a craft stick black and allow both the plate and stick to dry.

When you’ve decided which emojis you want to make, use construction paper to cut out the emoji features and then stick them onto your plate.

4. Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers

These super colorful flowers are made from four layers of paper plates that are cut to different sizes.

Arrange your layers of flowers so that the largest is at the bottom and the smallest is at the top and staple them together in the center.

Once assembled, you can then paint the layers in bright colors and fold the petals to give a wonderful 3D effect.

5. Minnie And Mickey Mouse Paper Plate Crafts

This craft is for all of the Disney lovers out there.

The tutorial includes templates so you can make the faces of your Minnie and Mickey look perfect but the main base of the characters is three paper plates.

The face is a full paper plate and the ears are made from the center of a plate. Paint the three plates black, assemble the pieces, and you will have your own Minnie and Mickey.

6. Paper Fan Watermelon Craft

Fans and watermelons are two great ways to keep yourself cool during the hot summer months and this craft compares the two.

The first step is to paint your plate so that it looks like a watermelon. The center of the plate should be painted a bright pink and the rim a bright green.

When the pink has dried, you can use a Q-tip dipped in black paint to paint some seeds.

Once the paint has dried, fold the plate in half and stick a craft stick inside to be your handle.

7. Paper Plate Cardinal

This paper plate bird is made especially fluffy by the addition of some craft feathers. Paint a paper plate red and once the paint is dry, place a coat of glue on the center of the plate.

While the glue is still wet, crinkle some tissue paper and stick this on the glue until the center of the plate is covered.

A couple of triangles of black and yellow construction paper make the face and beak and some googly eyes finish the face. Add some red feathers for the finishing touches.

8. Paper Plate Crown

With this activity, you can make a paper plate craft that is fit for royalty.

The plate can be decorated in a wide variety of ways to make it suitable for several different holidays or you can opt for a royal-style crown.

Making the crown is easy as all you need to do is cut the center of the plate so that it is divided into eight even wedges that will become the raised part of the crown.

9. Paper Plate Flowers

By cutting a paper plate in half, you can make a variety of pretty flowers. You can keep the cut edge straight or cut it into petal shapes to make it look more like a flower.

Once the plate is cut, paint it and add some details to transform a plain paper plate into a beautiful flower.

Add a paper straw for the stem and you can use parts of the plate you cut away as leaves.

10. Paper Plate Gumball Machine

This paper plate gumball machine looks impressive but is easier to make than you might think.

The gumball machine itself is made from a white paper plate and a clear plastic plate that are stuck together.

Before sticking them together, however, put some pom poms onto the plate. The pom poms are your gumballs.

You can make the machine out of construction paper and don’t forget to use some black paper to make the space to collect your gumballs!

11. Paper Plate Mask

Masks are always a popular item to make from paper plates and this take on a mask can brighten up any party.

The tutorial includes a template so that you can get the shape of the mask right but you can also draw it freehand.

The mask is relatively small and is mainly for covering the eyes like a domino mask.

The mask can be decorated with paint and markers and when finished, punch a hole on either side and attach some elastic or yarn so the mask can be worn.

12. Paper Plate Star Twirler

It’s hard to believe that this adorable mobile and whirligig is made from a paper plate.

The first step is to paint your plate and as this is star themed, you should paint it in a variety of shades of blue.

When the paint is dry, you can cut the plate into a spiral and add some colorful stars along the spiral.

Make a hole at the top of the spiral and add some string or twine so that you can hang the mobile from your ceiling.

13. Paper Plate Tambourine

Homemade instruments are not only fun to make but they’re also fun to play with for weeks afterward.

Making a tambourine from paper plates is easier than you might think. All you need are two paper plates placed on top of each other.

Punch several holes through both plates around the edges and thread a pipe cleaner through each hole.

Attach a jingle bell to each pipe cleaner and fold the cleaners over so that the bells and plates are secure. 

14. Patriotic Purse

With this craft, you can celebrate Independence Day with just a paper plate, some paint, and a piece of string.

Begin by cutting a paper plate in half and then you can decorate both halves in patriotic red, white, and blue.

When the paint has dried, stick the two halves together while leaving the top edge open so that you can put things inside your purse.

Punch a hole in either side of the purse and thread a long piece of string to make a strap.

15. Space-Themed Wreath

If you have a child that is obsessed with space, they will love making this space-themed wreath.

You will need to cut out the center of the plate while leaving the exterior rim in one piece and without any cuts.

Paint the rim completely black and wait for it to dry. You can decorate the rim with planets and stars of different sizes that have been cut from construction paper.

16. Streamer Rainbows

You can easily make some bright weather-themed decorations with this tutorial and only a few craft supplies.

To make the cloud, cut a paper plate in half and stick some cotton wool balls onto the surface to make your cloud nice and fluffy.

The rainbow can be made from strips of tissue paper, crepe paper, ribbons, or anything similar.

Add a piece of string to the center of the cloud and you can hang your rainbow wherever you want. 

Final Thoughts

Paper plates are a cheap and versatile craft material that can be used for several different activities throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking to make animals, masks, or musical instruments, you can make them with a paper plate and a few other craft supplies.

We hope that you have hours of fun making these 16 paper plate crafts.

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