17 Best Pipe Cleaner Crafts To Make At Home

Pipe cleaners are great materials for crafts. They’re versatile, cheap, and come in a large range of colors, making them ideal for a wide variety of activities and crafts.

17 Best Pipe Cleaner Crafts To Make At Home

They can make rings, animals, and flowers, but coming up with new ideas for how to use pipe cleaners isn’t always the easiest task.

That’s why we’ve collected the 17 best pipe cleaner crafts that you can make at home.

1. Beaded Dragonfly And Lightning Bugs

This tutorial includes instructions for both dragonflies and lightning bugs but the basic technique behind the two is the same.

The body of both bugs is made from one pipe cleaner that has beads threaded onto it. For the dragonflies, two pipe cleaners are used for the wings whereas the lightning bugs only need one.

When you’ve attached the wings to the bodies you can also add googly eyes for the finishing touch.

2. Candy Cane Reindeer

This is the first of two Christmas-themed pipe cleaner crafts included in this list.

You can give these candy cane reindeer as gifts or even add some string and hang them on your Christmas tree if you wish.

They’re very simple to make but look great! Simply wrap a brown pipe cleaner around the hook of a candy cane and curl the ends so that they look like antlers.

Add some googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose to finish the reindeer look.

3. Coffee Filter Dancers

Coffee filters are another great craft supply that are versatile and can be used in many different ways.

In this activity, they’re used to make the beautiful flowing skirts of some elegant dancers. Color the filters with some washable markers and then drip a little water onto them so that the colors run together.

You will need to leave the filters to dry overnight. The body of the dancers is made from two pipe cleaners that are then ‘dressed’ with your colored coffee filters.

4. Flower Ring

To make these beautiful pipe cleaner flower rings, you will need one green pipe cleaner and six in a different color.

Bunch the six pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle before folding them around your finger to make the ring.

The pipe cleaners can then be folded to make the petals of the flower. The green pipe cleaner is the stem of your flower and also makes some leaves.

5. Halloween Spider Pipe Cleaner Craft

Halloween is a great time of year for craft activities as the spooky motifs of the holiday mean that you will never be short of ideas.

These Halloween spiders are different from many other pipe cleaner spiders because they use beads to make them look even creepier.

They’re best made from Halloween colors such as orange and black and the legs can be posed as you wish.

6. Monster Finger Puppets

This is another great craft for Halloween but can also be used at any time during the year.

Once the technique for making the puppets is mastered, you can go crazy and let your imagination run wild to make cute and crazy monsters.

The monsters are made into finger puppets by wrapping a pipe cleaner around your finger and the monster bodies are pom poms of different colors and sizes.

7. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies And Carrots

This craft is perfect for spring and Easter. The tutorial teaches you how to make carrots and two different types of bunnies: one standing upright and one leaning forward.

The standing bunnies and carrots require two pipe cleaners whereas the leaning bunnies only need one.

Both types of bunnies are adorable and can be made even cuter with the addition of some googly eyes and pom poms for a tail and nose.

8. Pipe Cleaner Crown

Many kids enjoy dressing up and dressing as royalty is always a popular costume.

If you have some wannabe princes and princesses in your home then you can use this activity to help them make a crown and scepter.

The frame of the crown is made from four pipe cleaners of the same color and a fifth of a different color makes the jewel on top. 

9. Pipe Cleaner Dragons

These adorable dragons are made from four pipe cleaners each and are poseable enough to stand and be arranged however you wish.

The body, head, legs, and tails are all made from pipe cleaners with some construction paper or foam for extra detail.

Foam or construction paper is also used for the wings and you can give your new dragon friends googly eyes for a neat finishing touch.

You can make a variety of dragons in different color combinations to create a dragon colony.

10. Pipe Cleaner Fish Game

With this activity, you’re not only making a craft, but also a fun game that young kids are sure to enjoy.

Making the fish is easy as it only requires twisting together the ends of a pipe cleaner.

As pipe cleaners have a line of metal inside them, this makes them magnetic and the aspect of this activity takes advantage of this.

It uses fishing rods with small magnets attached to pick up the fish pipe cleaners and is a great way for young children to practice their hand-eye coordination.

11. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

If you don’t have green fingers and struggle to keep plants alive, then this is the craft for you.

Both the petals and the stems of the flowers are made from pipe cleaners so make sure you have a variety of colors as well as green.

You can make detailed flowers by adding the center of the flowers and also some additional leaves.

To make your pipe cleaner flowers look especially authentic, place some floral arrangement foam into a plant pot to hold your flowers and top the pot with some soil or artificial moss.

12. Pipe Cleaner Monkey

These pipe cleaner monkeys are adorable and their long pipe cleaner legs mean that they can cling to your finger or a pen.

The monkeys are made from three brown pipe cleaners and a couple of wooden beads that should be painted the same color as your pipe cleaners.

If you have some yellow pipe cleaners, you can cut a small piece and put it in your monkey’s hand as a delicious banana.

13. Pipe Cleaner Superheroes

Superheroes have never been more popular and with this tutorial, you can make your favorite superhero or create a brand new one.

The frame of the superhero is made from pipe cleaners so the bodies can be moved into a variety of poses.

The pipe cleaners are then covered in segments of paper straws and beads but these do not prevent the flexibility of the pipe cleaners. 

Every superhero needs a cape and you can add one to yours with some felt.

14. Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments

If you’re looking for some new decorations for the Christmas tree, then these pipe cleaner wreath ornaments will fit the bill.

The combination of the green wreath and red bow makes these cute decorations feel very seasonal and will look great on any tree or as decorations around the house.

They’re quick and easy to make and after adding some string they can be hung anywhere.

15. Princess Bubble Wands

These bubble wands would be a great accompaniment to the pipe cleaner crowns that we introduced earlier.

They’re also ideal for any kids who are obsessed with magic and want to make their own wands.

To make a perfect heart shape at the top of your wand you can use a small cookie cutter but you can also judge the heart shape by hand and eye.

To make the wand, just thread some beads onto the length of the pipe cleaner.

16. Styrofoam Cup Spiders

These are the second spiders on our list but the addition of styrofoam cups makes them very different from the other pipe cleaner spiders.

For these spiders, the bodies are made from styrofoam cups and these can be colored and decorated however you wish to make your spiders either scary or cute.

The long and spindly legs of the spiders are made from pipe cleaners

17. Water Bottle Love Bugs

Make sure you keep some empty plastic bottles for this craft and although the tutorial uses small bottles, you can use bottles of any size.

The bottles are used for the body and head of the bug and pipe cleaners become the legs, antenna, and stripes.

To make these love bugs special, you can insert some cracked glow sticks inside so that your love bugs glow.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the 17 best pipe cleaner crafts to make at home. We used a wide range of colors and techniques to make a varied collection of crafts that people of all ages can enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to make a homemade gift for someone you love or a cute new animal friend, there is an activity here for you.

Helena Forsite