Cake Mix Cookies *Holiday Edition* (Amazing Recipe)

You really can’t beat cookies. There are a ton of different types of cookies, so much so that there really is a different recipe for every occasion. You can get some cookies that are hard and thin, with a good crack when you snap them.

And you can get other cookies that are soft and spongy, almost like a hybrid between cookies and cake. These types of cookies are our favorite. 

There are lots of different ways to achieve a nice, spongy cake-like cookie. One of our favorite ways to do this is by making cake mix cookies. Cake mix cookies are perfect for days when you fancy cookies, but lack the effort to make them completely from scratch.

They are straightforward and simple, yet they taste so good. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the most amazing recipe for cake mix cookies if you plan on making them for the holidays. So if you want a *holiday edition* of cake mix cookies, keep on reading! 

What Are Cake Mix Cookies?

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s take a look at exactly what cake mix cookies are. Well, as you are probably aware, the name of cake mix cookies is pretty self-explanatory.

Cake mix cookies are simply cookies that are made using cake mix. By cake mix, we are referring to the pre-mixed cake mixes that you usually get in a box from the store. 

The key ingredient in cake mix cookies is cake mix, but additional ingredients are usually added to make these treats more like cookies. This will often include chocolate chips, sweets/candies, or even food coloring.

These ingredients will be added in addition to the egg, water, or oil that the cake mix recipes suggest you must use. 

Instead of baking a cake using the box recipe, you will make the recipe and then divide it into cookies instead. That way, instead of having one large cake, you will end up with lots of little cake-cookie hybrids.

If you have children, then this is the perfect recipe to make with them. It is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience, but are they easy to make? Let’s take a look.

Are Cake Mix Cookies Easy To Make?

So, now that we have taken a look at what cake mix cookies are, let’s take a look at how easy they are to make. Well, as you would probably expect, cake mix cookies are incredibly easy to make.

After all, there is a reason why you reach for a packet of pre-mixed cake mix in the store, rather than making it from scratch.

Cake mix makes the entire process of baking easier because it significantly reduces the amount of ingredients that you have to work with.

Instead of worrying about mixing sugar, flour and other ingredients together, you can simply pop open a box of cake mix and add whatever it says on the box. So the method for baking a cake using cake mix is a lot shorter than the method for baking a cake from scratch. 

The same principle applies when you are using cake mix to bake cookies. The amount of steps that you have to take to bake your cookies is significantly reduced when you are making cookies using cake mix.

This reduces the stress and increases the enjoyment of baking, which is why this recipe is great for the holidays! With that in mind, let’s dive right into this cake mix cookies *holiday edition* recipe

Cake Mix Cookies *Holiday Edition* Recipe

If you want to have fun when baking during the holidays, we would definitely recommend giving this cake mix cookies recipe a try. No matter whether you are baking alone, with friends, or even with your kids, this recipe will be a piece of cake! So, let’s jump in. 


  • A box of vanilla cake mix (white cake mix will also work)
  • Eggs
  • A bottle of clear soda (lemon-lime soda or ginger ale will work best)
  • White chocolate Chips
  • Red and green candies (we usually use M&Ms)


First things first, you’re going to want to open your box of cake mix and pour it into a large mixing bowl. To the bowl, add your eggs and a splash of your soda. The amount of eggs that you should add will depend on the number listed on the cake mix box itself.

Usually it will be 2 eggs, but some recipes will suggest adding more. Once you have added all these ingredients into the bowl, you should start mixing. 

Once your cake mixture is thoroughly mixed to the point where it is light and smooth, you can start stirring in your candies. We always opt for red and green M&Ms because they scream Christmas, but any red and green candy will work well.

Pour in your candies, and then fold them into the mixture. After this is done, take your bowl of white chocolate chips, pour them into the bowl and then fold them through too. 

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and then take a teaspoon and tablespoon. Use these spoons to transfer a scoop of the mixture onto the parchment paper. Repeat this until you have used up the mixture, ensuring that you leave a substantial gap between each scoop.

Remember the cake mix will expand as it cooks, so if you place them too close together, you could end up with a big blob of cookie dough, rather than individual cookies. 

Once you have filled your baking sheet, it is time to cook your sweet treats. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then pop your sheet into the oven. Keep an eye on the cookies because you will be able to tell when they are cooked.

As they are light-colored cookies, it is very important to get the right balance between cooked and burned. Usually these cookies will bake in around 8 to 10 minutes. 

After the cookies are cooked, remove them from the oven and leave to cool slightly. Transfer to a cooling rack and leave to cool completely before giving them a taste. We’re sure they’ll taste as delicious as they look! 


The red and green of these cookies are Christmassy enough for most people. But if you want to take it a step further, there are lots of other modifications that you can make. Here are just a few that we would recommend:

  • Substitute the cake mix for a Christmassy flavor, such as chocolate or red velvet. 
  • Swap your sprinkles for something even more Christmassy. For example, you could make a batch containing red or silver balls. If the biscuits themselves are green, it could look like decorations on a Christmas tree. 
  • Use food coloring to dye the cookies either green or red. 
  • Use a Christmas shaped cookie cutter to pour the mixture into. So, you will end up with Christmas cookies in the shape of a Christmas tree or stocking. 


In short, in this guide we have taken a look at the most amazing cake mix cookies recipe for the Christmas holidays. So, if you want to bake a nice and easy festive treat, we would recommend giving this recipe a try!
Helena Forsite