Colorful Confetti DIY Gift Bags That Sparkle (Great For Kids)

If you are hosting kid’s parties or giving out Christmas gifts, the costs can continue to rise when you are shopping for wrapping paper, gift tags, and gift bags.

If you can eliminate some of the costs, it will help you to save some money, but you still want to wrap the gift bags up before giving them to your guests. 

Colorful Confetti DIY Gift Bags That Sparkle (Great For Kids)

Having sparkly gift bags is important to a lot of kids at their parties as they want them to look pretty and stand out, but store-bought ones can be expensive. Making them yourself may seem like a tough task, but it is very easy and doesn’t require much equipment. 

This article will take you through how to make colorful confetti DIY gift bags that sparkle and that are great for kids. You can find out more below about what you will need to make your gift bags look professional and beautiful!

How To Make Colorful Confetti Gift Bags

Firstly, you need to buy plain gift bags. These are a lot cheaper than patterned or sparkly gift bags as they do not have any decoration.

You can buy them in any color that you want, so it is a good idea to ask your kids what color they would like and see if you can purchase them in that color. 

Using a paintbrush, paint a layer of satin formula across the bag. Sprinkle confetti over the satin formula. It is often advised that you cover the whole bag in confetti to make sure that the satin formula is covered.

You can then tip the bag over the confetti bowl to return any loose confetti so that it can be used another time. 

Once the satin formula has dried and the confetti is secure on the bag, paint another layer of satin formula over the top. This will give the confetti a shiny finish and will keep it protected from falling off or chipping.

Make sure that you leave the confetti to dry completely before filling up the gift bags as you do not want it to smudge or become messy. 

Why Is Satin Formula Important?

Using the satin formula is important as you want the confetti to look smooth on the bag. If the confetti does not have a protective layer over the top, it will break off the bag.

This will leave the gift bag looking messy and your guests will find confetti all over their clothes and in their cars. 

Even though you are making gift bags at home, you still want them to look professional. Therefore, it is important to add a top layer as you want to have a glossy finish on the gift bags to make them look prettier.

Although the confetti will make the gift bags look shiny, the top layer will make them look smoother and better. 

Why Should You Use Satin Formula To Stick Down The Confetti?

You will use the satin formula to stick down the confetti, so you will need to apply it to the bag first. When you use glue, it turns white, which can make the confetti look messy.

Using the satin formula on the base of the gift bag ensures that the confetti looks clean and professional as it dries clear, so there is no risk of it sticking to the confetti as glue.

What Confetti Should You Use?

You can use any type of confetti that you want on the gift bags, but it is more difficult to use paper confetti.

As you will be applying the satin formula over the top of the gift bags, the paper confetti will absorb it and become soggy, which will not convey the design that you wanted. It is much better to use confetti made from a tougher material. 

There are lots of different options for the shape and color of the confetti, so it is up to you! If the gift bags are for a kid’s party, you can ask them what type of confetti they would like used on the gift bags.

You can find confetti in the shape of hearts, flowers, butterflies, and stars. 

What Designs Can You Do?

There are limitless designs when it comes to decorating colorful confetti gift bags as you can use other materials.

You can decorate the bags with confetti, gemstones, stickers, pom poms, flowers, or drawings. You can even let your kids decorate the bags for a personal touch and to make them feel involved in their party planning. 

Colorful Confetti DIY Gift Bags That Sparkle (Great For Kids)

You can find lots of different craft materials at your nearby craft store that can be used to decorate the bags.

You can decorate the whole gift bag in colorful confetti if you want to, or you can create a stand-out design on the front and back of the bags that match the theme of the party. 

Where To Store The Gift Bags

Once the gift bags have been decorated, you will need to store them in a suitable place to dry. They need to be kept in a warm and dry space so that the satin formula can harden.

If the space is damp or cold, the formula will not dry and the confetti will be more likely to move around, affecting your design and making it look messy. 

After the gift bags have dried, they can be filled. If you are filling them with kid’s party favors, line them up to make sure that you are adding the same items to each so that no one feels left out.

You should then store the gift bags in a cool and dry place to avoid them becoming spoiled. 

How Much Confetti Should You Purchase?

The amount of confetti that you purchase should cover the number of bags that you have and how large your confetti design is. If you are not making a large number of gift bags, you will not need to purchase a lot of confetti.

However, if you are making 100 gift bags, you will need to make sure that you have enough confetti to make all of the bags look equal.

It is a good idea to make bags in stages so that you can see how much confetti you will need. You do not want to purchase more than you need as you do not want it to go to waste.

Start by making 10 gift bags and see how much confetti you need. You will then have a guideline on how much you will need to finish the rest. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you can make colorful confetti DIY gift bags at home as they are very easy to make and allow you to make the exact designs that you want.

You can decorate the gift bags in lots of different ways and it is up to you and your kids what color the bags are and what type of confetti you will use to decorate them. 

Using a satin formula on the gift bags is important for sticking down the confetti and for providing a protective layer on top. This will keep the confetti looking professional and will prevent it from falling off.

It will give the gift bag a shiny finish that looks high quality and store-bought.

Helena Forsite