Conversation Heart, Yarn Wrapped Wreath (DIY Arts And Crafts)

Valentine’s for many, can be a simple affair, but it can be a time of year when we express ourselves to partners and family with gifts that can range from the simple to the extravagant, and there is a nice feeling when you receive a gift.

Conversation Heart, Yarn Wrapped Wreath (DIY Arts And Crafts)

However, there might be ways that you can express this through decoration or lovely messages that can express your love for someone in unique ways that have us asking why we didn’t try something like this ourselves.

But what ways can you express this in an obvious or subtle way, or perhaps you want something you could make at any time of the year?

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a yarn-wrapped wreath that has affection in its design and is bound to surprise the intended person who sees it.

Read on to find out how to make a unique and special wreath that is easy to make.

How To Make Yarn Wrapped Wreaths?

What You’ll Need

  • A roll of red or burgundy looped yarn or chunky chenille yarn
  • A wire heart-shaped wreath frame
  • Heart-shaped ornaments and trinkets you want to decorate your wreath with
  • A length of red ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


Step 1

Take your yarn and cut one or two loops from the end where you can start to connect it to the frame, then pick the inner wire of the frame, and then you can tie your yarn at the bottom, ensuring you tie this at the back.

Now you can start wrapping your yarn around the frame, and you want to ensure that you don’t squish the yarn too much because you want it to puff out a little, especially when using this type of thick yarn.

Step 2

While wrapping your loom around the frame, make sure none of the loops get caught on the inside of the frame and are standing up to give your wreath more depth.

Once you’ve wrapped the entirety of the frame, you can cut any spare yarn and tie it to the back, or you can use a glue gun to stick it down.

You then want to go over the frame and fluff up any pieces that might be stuck, or a bit of the wireframe shows you where you want to cover.

Step 3

Now you can add all of your ornaments and trinkets, but first, you want to cut a piece of 10″ ribbon so you can hang your wreath from your door, and you want it to hang in a way where there is some slack but not too much leeway and is centered on the door.

With any pieces you attach to the wreath, make sure that all tags and hanging loose pieces are cut off, and you can glue these on or tie them to the wreath from the back of the decoration.

How To Make Your Wreath Into A Conversational Heart?

You’ve got the instructions, and there are ways that you can make your wreath personal by making your decoration contain conversational heart pieces, like the candy heart sayings that everyone knows well.

You can buy a variety of these heart pieces from sites like Etsy, which you can get in different sizes and contain words that can be romantic, charming, flirty, or meaningful on them, and you can stick them onto your wreath using a glue gun.

If you want a more secure way of putting your conversion hearts on your wreath, you can drill a small hole at the top of your heart and use some string to tie it to the wreath, but make sure it’s straight and is tight, as this could be tested by the swaying of your wreath.

You could go one step further and add your own custom messages to make the decoration seem personal to you and the people you love, so you can get fun and creative with this one.

If you’re wondering what words to put on your hearts, this can be down to personal taste, but the classic ones such as sweet, be mine, love you, or only you are some classic but good picks to go with.

You can go in any direction, or perhaps you can write hearts that have dates of anniversaries or pet names, and you’ll find you have a better time writing them.

How To Make Your Wreath Even Better?

What you could do to make your wreath even more special is by using white looped yarn for the center frame and red for the outside, so you have a pleasant contrast of color and really stands out, but this method could be a bit finicky but with practice, you’ll become a pro.

Instead of using yarn for the outer edges, you could use pieces of ribbon that you can scrunch up, and these nice dovetail ends can really spruce up your wreath.

You can also add some glitter to the decorations you attach to your wreath, making your trinkets shine more and adds a certain cuteness to it that your loved ones can appreciate as Valentine’s day comes and goes.

When it comes down to the decorations for your wreath, you can go in any direction you choose, and you may be able to find valentines goods in your local dollar, crafts, or supply stores, so take a look around and see what looks good to you.

Be sure, though, that the outer part of the wreath can be seen as too many decorations, and trinkets can hide what you spent most of your time making.

Show it off and show your love and appreciation for the occasion, and it can be a great addition if valentines day happens to be an anniversary or special event for you and your loved one.

The Bottom Line

The great thing about this wreath is that because it’s a DIY type of craft, you really can make something that is personal to you and reflects your taste on things like color, style, and tone, and you can use different types of yarn, decorations, and wording, to express yourself.

If you use some of these conversational hearts and have some leftovers, you can scatter the rest around the house and perhaps use them to form a sentence and make it into a game.

This way, there are many ways your valentines celebrations can go, and you can achieve this in less than an hour, and you’ll find the process relaxing and therapeutic.

If Valentines’ is over and you still want to make this, you can just make the frame with the loom and hang it in your bedroom, dining room, and kitchen, and you can make it even more personal and add your own decorations and favorite patterns.

You could make one for Easter or Christmas, using some touches with these aesthetics, and you’ll still have a wreath that is going to be the centerpiece of all your decorations.

Helena Forsite