16 Creative Handprint Crafts To Make At Home

16 Creative Handprint Crafts To Make At Home

When thinking of craft activities to do with your kids, anything that makes use of handprints is always a winning idea.

Kids love getting creative and messy and find covering their hands with paint and stamping their prints to be a fun activity.

Handprints also make a great keepsake for parents as they’re a record of how small your kid’s hands were that will last long after your kids have grown up.

In this article, we have 16 creative handprint crafts to make at home.

1. Apple Tree Craft

Apples are commonly associated with fall so you can save this craft for the fall season if you wish.

The leaves of the tree are made from three green handprints and your kids are sure to enjoy getting to leave their mark three times on the same page!

Use some brown paint to create the tree trunk and branches and the apples can be either painted or cut out of red construction paper and glued to the tree once the paint has dried.

2. Butterfly Handprint Art

There are many different things you can do with this butterfly handprint art. The basis of the activity is two handprints placed side-by-side to become the two halves of a butterfly’s wing.

When you have the wings down on the page, however, kids can let their imagination run wild to make the rest of the butterfly.

They can paint the body or use pom poms and pipe cleaners for a 3D effect.

The wings can be decorated with stickers, jewels, or anything else you have in your craft box.

3. Dinosaur Handprint Art

So many kids are obsessed with dinosaurs and they can create their own dinosaurs using just their handprint.

The fingers create the legs and the thumb becomes the dinosaur’s head. Kids can then add a tail and decorate their dinosaur as they wish while also creating a prehistoric background.

4. Easy Handprint Lambs

Ideal for spring or Easter, these handprint lambs are cute and fun to make. The first step is to trace the outline of a hand onto some black paper and then cut out the print.

The wool of the lamb is made by gluing cotton wool balls onto the palm of the handprint so that your lamb becomes nice and fluffy.

You can then draw a face onto the thumb for the finishing touch.

5. Family Handprints Peacock Puppet

This craft is an ideal activity for the entire family to get involved with as it will look best with multiple handprints of different sizes.

Each family member should draw around their handprint on a different colored piece of paper to make the feathers of the peacock.

The body parts of the peacock are simple shapes cut from paper and once assembled, you will have a cute keepsake of the family’s handprints.

6. Family Watercolor Handprint Art

You can make a unique piece of watercolor art that represents your entire family with this fun activity.

Begin by tracing the outline of each member of the family’s hands. For best results, make the handprints overlap and you can trace hands more than once.

When you’ve captured all of the outlines, get the watercolor paints out and color in the lines, making sure to change up the colors as much as possible.

7. Four Season Handprints

Teach your kids about the four seasons of the year with this fun craft. It’s best made with canvases but you can also use paper.

Whatever medium you choose, they should all be the same shape and size so that you can fit them together to make one large piece of artwork.

Each season has its own handprint as the focus of the design and you can use season-appropriate colors, such as blue for winter and brown for fall.

8. Handprint/Footprint Christmas Wreath

Many families decorate their homes with wreaths for the Christmas holiday but instead of buying one this year, why not make your own using your kid’s handprints?

This cute wreath is made from multiple hand (and foot) prints that are arranged into a circle. It can be a great record of a baby’s first Christmas but is also a fun activity for older children to take part in too.

9. Handprint Reindeer

Reindeer are one of the most popular and cutest Christmas themes, making this a great craft for the Christmas season.

The antlers of the reindeer are made from two handprints cut out of brown paper.

The instructions include a template so you can make the rest of the reindeer but the shapes are pretty simple, so many kids will be able to draw their own reindeer.

10. Handprint Spiders

If you’re looking for a handprint craft for Halloween, then this activity is the one for you. Your kids can make their own cute spiders using just their hands and some paint.

The spiders are made from two handprints that are placed side-by-side so that the palms overlap.

The fingers and palm of each hand should be coated in paint but leave their thumbs bare so that when the two handprints are on the page, the eight fingers make eight legs.

The prints can then be decorated with googly eyes and spider webs. 

11. Handprint Lilies

This craft is ideal for Mothers’ Day. Real flowers will only last for a few days, but these handprint lilies can last forever.

The lilies themselves are made from handprints cut from white paper.

Stick the bottom of the handprint to a green paper straw and wrap the print around the straw so that the paper curls and looks more like the shape of a lily.

Glue a yellow pipe cleaner into the center of the paper lily to represent the pistil and add some green leaves for the finishing touch.

12. Infinity Gauntlet Handprint

If you have any fans of the Marvel heroes the Avengers in your household, they’re sure to love the chance to turn their handprint into the Infinity Gauntlet.

The easiest way to make this is to use gold glitter cardstock, but if you don’t have any, you could stick gold glitter onto plain white cardstock.

Cut out a handprint and then decorate the knuckles with stick-on gems to represent the infinity stones.

13. Mallard Duck Handprint Craft

Making your own cute duck is easy and fun with this fun idea. The body of the duck is a handprint made with brown paint.

The thumb isn’t needed for the shape of the body but if you do print it, you can cover it up with the duck’s head and neck.

The rest of the duck can be painted on or cut out of colored paper and glued.

Add some green and yellow feathers to the body and some googly eyes to the face to make your duck come to life.

14. Negative Space Fall Handprint Art

This unique craft takes a different approach to handprint art from any other activity on the list.

The first step is to draw around both a hand and forearm on construction paper.

Cut out the outline and place it on a piece of white construction paper, securing it in place so that it won’t move around but can be removed later.

Poster putty is great for this. With the hand and forearm in place, get some sponges and paint and paint over the outline and onto the page.

When the painting is finished, remove the outline for a piece of neat negative space handprint art.

15. Paper Strip Handprint Art

You can make a great and unique keepsake with this simple activity. On one piece of paper, arrange lines of scrapbook paper or washi tape.

The more colors and patterns you have, the better!

On the second piece of paper, draw around your kid’s hand and then cut out the handprint, keeping the page intact around it so you have a handprint-shaped hole.

Place the handprint page over the washi tape page and your colorful lines of tape should be clearly visible.

You can then frame the pages to make a permanent and colorful keepsake of your child’s hand.

16. Salt Dough Handprint

Salt dough is an easy-to-make craft material that can be used in several different activities.

To make salt dough, all you need is all-purpose flour, salt, and warm water. Mix the ingredients and then knead the dough until it is smooth and flexible enough to hold a handprint.

After pressing a handprint into the dough, you can either bake the dough for a couple of hours in an oven or leave it to air dry for over a day.

You can make ornaments or gifts from the handprint that you capture.

Final Thoughts

Using handprints in your arts and crafts is a fun activity that kids can always enjoy.

There are many creative ways to incorporate handprints into craft activities and in this article, we introduce 16 creative crafts.

We hope that you and your kids have great fun with these activities!

Helena Forsite