16 Creative Popsicle Stick Crafts

The next time you are enjoying an ice lolly, you should consider saving the popsicle stick that comes along with it. In addition to that, you can easily pick up popsicle sticks from your local arts and crafts store.

Creative Popsicle Stick Crafts

Popsicle sticks are a really useful and versatile thing to use. You can create numerous things with this simple time.

In addition to that, children will adore creating and playing with what they have made. Yet, you can create more mature things to help spruce up your home as well.

In this article, we have put together 16 creative popsicle stick crafts that you should try for yourself!

1. Geometric Shelf

Nobody among your friends will be able to figure out the materials used to create this stylish DIY floating shelf!

The Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf is inexpensive without appearing so. This project takes no more than one hour to complete without paint. However, it definitely is worth taking the extra effort to stain your creation.

By gluing plenty of popsicle sticks together in a hexagonal shape, you can create a stylish and unique shelf for your home.

2. Bird Feeder

Children will love creating these bird feeders out of their leftover popsicle sticks.

By placing the sticks on top of one another and attaching string, you can create a cheap and easy bird feeder. Let your children help you create these, by allowing them to decorate the sticks themselves.

3. Pallet Coasters

To hold your coffee, tea, or wine, add these lovely palette coasters to your collection of home accessories.

No matter how skilled you are at crafts, you will be able to make these. You can design them in any way you like. Either keep the natural wood or paint them to add your own stamp onto them.

4. Sunburst Mirror

Transform our old and dull mirror into something really eye-catching. Overall, this craft is really simple to do as all you need is our popsicle sticks and some glue.

By gluing popsicle sticks of varying lengths around your mirror, you can create a simple yet effective sun appearance.

If you are going for a minimal look, you can leave the sticks as they are, or you can spray paint the sticks to match your home’s aesthetic.

5. Light Shades

You can create a wide range of shapes and designs using these popsicle sticks. This can be a simple rectangular shape light shade, to spheres and chandeliers. All you require is glue, your popsicle sticks and m=possibly some spray paint.

The popsicle sticks allow you to create a rustic yet elegant light shade, which all your friends and family will be impressed with.

6. Dream Catcher

Let go of your old, bad dreams and embrace the good dreams with your very own popsicle dream catcher.

Paint and color in the popsicle sticks in your facilities colors, then with some simple colored yarn and beads create beautiful dream catchers.

These dream catchers can then be hung around your home to catch any bad dreams trying to enter.

The popsicle stickers help give your dream catcher a lot more structure, so it can hold its shape easily.

7. Jewelry Holder

Do you or your child have too much jewelry and have nowhere to put it?

Then why not create a jewelry holder using your spare popsicle sticks. Create a frame using the sticks that can be any size that you choose.

It is up to you how wide and high you make your holder, yet it will be able to hold various pieces of jewelry easily.

8. Popsicle Stick Dolls

It may sound simple, but you can create a wide range of characters using as many sticks as possible. Either draw on their dances and bodies, or you can use pieces of fabric or other materials to create their clothes and hair. String is great for hair.

Allow your children to make all shorts of characters.

You could even do theme stick figures depending on the time of year. For Halloween create spooky characters and at Christmas do the classic Christmas characters such as a snowman and father Christmas.

Then once your little ones have made their characters, they can then play with their new dolls. This is a creative way to let everyone’s imagination flow.

9. Popsicle Stick Jigsaw

Print off your favorite pictures and stick them onto your popsicle sticks. Cute the sticks up into pieces, and you have your own puzzle to complete. Or print off a bunch of images of peoples faces, and then you can create a funny mix and match picture game.

Create various faces from all the images you have cut up. There are a lot of possibilities, and it is really easy to create.

10. Stick Boats

Depending on the design of your boat, this boat craft is relatively easy. Yet really young children may struggle to do without a bit of supervision and help.

Create either simple boats or more advanced designs that can be raced in the water. In addition to that, make your own flags so that you can clearly identify your own boat among all the others.

This is a great craft to do with a large group of people, and then at the end you can see whose design is better and who is the fastest.

11. Pocket Fan

Use your popsicle sticks and some paper to create your own and unique pocket fan.

On the paper, you can draw or create your own design, which will then be folded and glued between two popsicle sticks. It is really easy and simple to create, that anyone can do it!

Once the glue has dried, you can easily carry this pocket fan on you or put it into your bag. Thus, when you are hot you will always have a fan on hand to keep you cool.

12. Popsicle Stick Catapult

With a few popsicle sticks, a spoon and a couple of rubber bands you can create your own catapult which has a lot of power.

Everything you need are items you should be able to find around your home. Before you know it, your little ones will be shooting small balls around your home.

Once again, the sticks can be colored in to add more customization and a personal touch to the catapult.

13. Bird House

Previously, we mentioned how you can make these simple popsicle sticks into a bird feeder, but why not go all out and create a matching bird house.

The birdhouse may not be waterproof. Yet the birds outside won’t mind, as you will be providing them shelter and depending on how big you make the house they could use it during nesting season.

14. Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Make your own paper designs for these popsicle stick bracelets, or make it a kid-friendly craft by letting kids paint the bracelets.

You may not have realized, but there is a way to turn popsicles into wearable bracelets. Create personalized bracelets for yourself or your besties or give as a gift.

15. Christmas Decorations

Use your popsicle sticks to craft snowman hat decorations for your Christmas tree. Paint the popsicle sticks black, and stick them together to create the hat shape.

It is important to note you may have to cut some of the sticks, so they are a bit shorter when creating the top of the hat.

Then you can add felt green leaves and a red button to recreate a piece of holy. Then finally, you can write down your name on the hat, add some string and hang it from your Christmas tree.

A great way to add a more personal touch to your Christmas tree, while using up leftover popsicle sticks.

16. Phone Stand

Everyone knows the pain of when you can’t find something to hold your phone up in the right position. So you can watch a video while you eat. Then this craft will be perfect for you, as you can make a simple stand that will not only keep your phone safe.

It also tilts your phone to the correct angle, so there is no glare when you are looking at it.

In addition to that, you can easily pass your charger through the gaps between the sticks, making it a great place to charge your phone as well.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people just throw their popsicle sticks out once they have finished their ice lolly, Yet, as you can see, they are a really useful and versatile item to keep and use again.

Kids Love playing with these sticks, and you can create a wide range of crafts with them.

We hope this article has sparked your inspiration on what you can do with your popsicle sticks.

Helena Forsite