17 Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts To Try Right Now

If you are somebody who loves arts and crafts, then you will know that you can make all sorts of things out of meaningless household items that you were probably going to throw in the trash.

From lollipop sticks to yogurt cartons, there is always something that you can make out of these things. Today we’re talking about toilet paper rolls. 

17 Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Try Right Now

Once you have finished using a roll of toilet paper, you will be left with just the roll inside. If you are part of a large family, then it is likely that you will rack up quite a few toilet paper rolls in just a short period of time.

Rather than throwing them out in the trash, why not try making one of these super cute toilet paper roll crafts?

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 17 creative crafts to get you started. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft

First up, we have this cheeky little crab toilet paper roll craft. This little guy is super cute, and any youngsters in your family will have a great time putting him together.

With just a toilet paper roll and a handful of other crafting equipment, this craft is super easy to make, and it won’t take too long either. This is a great idea to get you started.

2. Rainbow Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This adorable craft is perfect for a rainy day. So next time you need to keep the little ones inside, out of the bad weather, check out this crafting technique.

The end result of this toilet paper roll craft is actually pretty impressive. You can use different colors to make it look exactly how you want, and you could easily put it on display in any room of your house.

A great reminder of a rainy day spent with family.

3. Mandala Toilet Paper Roll Craft

You might expect all toilet paper roll crafts to look like they were made by children, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, once you have the finished product of this Mandala toilet paper roll craft, you’ll hardly be able to believe that it was made using toilet paper rolls.

We love this crafting activity because it is perfect for putting on display anywhere in your house, just give it a go and we’re sure you’ll fall in love! 

4. Binocular Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Some of the best crafting activities are crafts that can be used for other purposes. Sure, it’s nice to make things that look pretty, but it is even better to make things that you can use, and that is what makes this binocular activity so great.

While they won’t work as real binoculars, your kids will have hours of fun playing with these toilet paper binoculars. Just as much fun as they’ll have making them! 

5. Dog Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Everybody loves dogs! If your little one is dog-obsessed, then this crafting activity is literally made for them. It is so simple to make, but your kids could spend a lot of time slowly creating a little friend to take everywhere with them.

There is no denying that this crafting activity is super cute, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the finished result.

6. Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Another adorable thing that you can create using a toilet paper roll is this butterfly. This butterfly is totally cute, and so simple to make as well. If you have any children in your family that are obsessed with nature, this is the perfect creation to make with them.

7. Bird Feeder Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Or, if you want to make something yourself that will help the environment, you should check out this bird feeder creation.

If there are lots of little birds that visit the land surrounding your home, we would recommend creating a couple of these bird feeder toilet rolls and scattering them around your property.

They are so easy to make, the birds will love them, and it’s a way of using up your old toilet paper rolls too. It really is a win-win if you ask us. 

8. Dragon Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Alternatively, if you want to create a craft that your children can use (similar to the binoculars that we looked at in #4), this dragon toilet paper roll craft is perfect. It is so easy to make, and your kids can blow into it to make the dragon look like it is breathing fire.

This simple creation can provide hours of fun, and if you don’t believe us, just give it a go! 

9. Squid Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If any children in your family are obsessed with the sea, and all the animals that reside in it, then they will love this squid toilet paper roll craft. Squids are totally unique creatures, and this crafting task will provide your children with hours of fun.

Once the squid is finished, they’ll be playing with their new squid for days, and feeding their love for the sea in the process. 

10. Cat Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If you prefer cats to dogs, then this cat toilet paper roll crafting task is made for you. Don’t get us wrong, dogs are cute, but cats really are out of this world. They are independent, stylish, and so loving.

If you have a pet cat, then this crafting activity is perfect because your kids can recreate their pet cat in toilet paper form. Alternatively, you could pull this crafting activity out when Halloween comes around.

After all, there isn’t anything more spooky than black cat, is there? 

11. Fall Leaves Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Speaking of Halloween, this fall leaves toilet paper roll crafting activity perfect for when summer draws to a close. Just like the Mandala activity that we looked at in #3, this activity can create a pretty professional looking craft.

So beautiful that you could probably frame it in your home. If you have older children that you want to keep busy, this is a great task to try out. 

12. Car Toilet Paper Roll Craft

In contrast, if your children are younger, then this car toilet paper roll craft is perfect if you want to keep them busy for hours. Your children will have lots of fun creating their own little car, and they can decorate it exactly as they wish.

Then, once the creation process is done, they can have hours of fun playing with their new toy car. We love this activity because it only uses items that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash, so you really have nothing to lose!

13. Pom Pom Shooter Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Something else that your little ones will have hours of fun playing with is this pom pom shooter that can be made using toilet paper rolls. This design is incredibly simple, so it isn’t too hard to put together, but it will provide your kids with plenty of enjoyment.

Back before the dawn technology, it was toys like these that would keep children occupied. So why not throw it back to your childhood and create this craft with your little ones?

14. Super Hero Cuffs Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If you have any children who love superheroes, then this crafting activity will have them feeling like one of the avengers. This activity is very different to the others that we have looked at in this guide, and that is why we love it.

Fancy dress costumes are expensive, and sometimes there really isn’t anything better than homemade, which is why you should give this activity a try! 

15. Crayon Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Or, if you want a nice and simple toilet paper craft, we would suggest making this crayon toilet paper roll craft. It is easy to make, but incredibly effective. We love it, and so will you!

16. Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Craft

When the festive season starts, this is the toilet paper roll craft that you’re going to want to make. There are lots of festive things that you can create using a humble toilet paper roll, and this crafting activity really emphasizes that.

From Snowmen to Santa Claus, there are lots of Christmassy things you can make using a toilet paper roll, and they are guaranteed to get you feeling festive too! 

17. Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Finally, let’s wrap this up with this Thanksgiving toilet paper roll craft. This is perfect for Thanksgiving, and for getting your family to be thankful for everything that they have.

It is also fun to create too, so we would definitely recommend giving it a try! 


In short, there are lots of different things that you can create using toilet paper rolls. From toilet paper cats to toilet paper pom pom shooters, there is something for everyone in this guide. 

Thank you for reading!

Helena Forsite