10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts To Try Making At Home

Reducing the amount of waste that you produce as a household is essential for the environment, but it also gives you the chance to get creative.

Upcycling has become very popular as you can create individual and unique pieces for your home that you know no one else will own. 

10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts To Try Making At Home

Wine corks are ideal for upcycling as you can use them in very innovative ways. If you want to try creating new pieces for your home by using wine corks, you can find out more ways below to see what you want to try and make. 

This article will show you 10 creative wine cork crafts to try making at home so that you can reduce your household waste and be proud of what you can create! Find out more below to see what you will need and what you can add to your home. 

10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts

1. Keychains

A great way to make use of wine corks is to turn them into keychains. You can make them as gifts for friends or family members and make them all unique and different for each individual. You can decorate them as you wish, so it is best to have blank wine corks. 

To make the keychains, twist the screw eyes into the corks so that they are secure and add a split ring. If you are decorating the cork, use an eye pin and push it into the bottom of the cork.

Add a charm or bead on the end of the eye pin and close it by twisting it when finished. 

2. Planter

A planter may seem like an unusual way to use wine corks, but it can make a unique addition to your home. You can paint the wine corks or leave them as they are, depending on what type of look you want to create.

You can stick the wine corks on a metal planter with glue for an easy option or you can make one from scratch. 

To make the planter, make 3 or 4 layers of cork circles, depending on how high you want your planter. Make sure that they are positioned and glued well.

You can also make mini planters from single corks by cutting out sections of the cork and poking holes in the bottom to drain. The mini planters are perfect for mini plants and they make cute gifts!

3. Coasters

Coasters do not have to be expensive accessories in your home, and they can be made from wine corks to create a rustic feel in your room. You will need to cut the wine corks into halves so that they are flat circles. If the corks are too thick, your glasses will be too high up. 

You will need to piece the corks together to create the shape of a coaster. When you are happy with the coaster shapes, proceed to glue to corks together. Once they are glued together and your coasters are formed, you can decorate the outside with ribbon or string. 

4. Festive Gift Tags

If you are short on gift tags and you want to make some yourself, you can use wine corks. Cut the wine corks in halves so that you are left with thin circles, but leave some whole.

You can then make the corks more festive if they are for Christmas gifts by printing Christmas-themed words or images on them. 

Start by placing one of the cork halves on a flat surface and place two more underneath it. Next, place three halves underneath and then four. You will then have a shape that resembles a triangle. Glue the corks together to secure them.

Glue a whole cork at the bottom of the triangle so that it looks like a Christmas tree. Decorate with ribbon!

5. Letter Ornaments

To make decorative letter ornaments for your cabinets or walls, you will need to keep the corks whole. Making sure that the letters are precise is important as you want them to be clear, so it is advised that you have a guideline to follow.

Draw a template as large as you want it, but use a ruler to make sure that the lines are straight. 

Once you have your letter template, begin to place the corks over it so that they resemble the letter of your choice. Glue the corks together to keep them in place. You can paint the corks or draw designs of your choice, it is up to you!

6. Phone Holder

A phone holder is a perfect office accessory for keeping your phone safe and in a great position to keep your eyes on it. You will need to place the corks together before gluing them to make sure that they will hold your phone properly.

It is no use having a phone holder that is too small for your phone!

Stack whole wine corks horizontally in a triangle shape with three on the bottom, two on top, and one at the top, and replicate the same shape next to it. This will create a longer rest for your phone so that it can be held both vertically and horizontally.

Glue them together when you are happy. Next, glue two more wine corks to the front of the triangles for your phone to stand on. 

10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts To Try Making At Home

7. Wine Cork Reindeer

Wine cork reindeer are the perfect ornaments to have around in the holidays! They are very easy to make as you will only need wine corks, flat head pins, black beads, and small twigs.

For accessories like scarves, hats, and ear muffs, you will need to make them separately and stick them on at the end. 

Stick one of the whole corks on top of the other so that they look like a head and a body. Carefully press a flat head pin into the base of the head so that it resembles a nose. You can then glue black beads to create eyes, bringing your reindeer to life!

Using pins, create holes for the twigs to go in for antlers and legs. 

Press the twigs into the corks and add finishing accessories! If you are gifting the reindeer, you can add different accessories to each to make them more unique!

8. Christmas Decorations

Hanging Christmas decorations on the tree is important for making your tree look unique to you, so why not make some of the ornaments yourself? You can create angels, snowmen, and Santas with wine corks!

If you do not want to create characters, you can decorate wine corks with beads, charms, and stamps to make them festive. 

For angels, snowmen, and Santas, cut a cork in half and place it on top of a vertical whole cork to make a head and body. Paint the corks the color that you want, such as red or white, and decorate according to your chosen character.

To hang the decorations, press an eye pin into the top of the decoration, add a ribbon, and twist it to close. 

9. Wine Cork Chandelier

To create a re-purposed chandelier in your home, you will need to screw hooks into your corks so that they have loops to thread through. Keep the corks whole for a dramatic effect, but you can cut them into shapes if you wish.

You will then need to work out how long you want the corks to dangle, so start measuring pieces of string to hang your corks from. 

You can have as many layers to your chandelier as you want, but four works very well and gives the chandelier good volume. You can repurpose an old fan by using the outer face as a dome. You can then hang the string to create the layers.

Once the string is attached with the corks secured, you can play around with the different layers of your chandelier. Make some pieces of string longer than others for an eye-catching effect. 

10. Herb Markers

If you enjoy growing herbs in your garden, you will need something to indicate what herbs they are so that you know what you are choosing. You can very easily use wine corks for this.

Make a small hole in your wine corks and insert sticks inside to hold the corks up. Write the different names of herbs on the corks so that they can easily be identified. 

You can decorate the corks as you wish, but it is a great way to reduce your use of plastic and to have strong and sturdy herb markers in your garden. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are lots of different ways that you can creatively use wine corks to reduce your waste at home. You can use them in many different ways to make unique and individual pieces for your home or to gift them to your friends and family. 

You can make decorative ornaments or useful items for your office or home without buying new materials. Using old wine corks gives you a chance to get creative and make good use of objects that would otherwise be thrown away!

Helena Forsite