39 Crochet Boot Cuff Pattern Ideas That You Can Try for Yourself

Crocheted boot cuffs are a cute, handmade way to decorate your footwear when the weather gets colder and boots begin to make an appearance in your wardrobe.

39 Crochet Boot Cuff Pattern Ideas That You Can Try for Yourself

However, they can be a little tricky to get the hang of if you haven’t got a pattern to help you out with the crochet process. 

If you are thinking of making your own crocheted boot cuffs, but aren’t sure where to start when looking for the appropriate pattern, then keep reading as we have compiled a list of thirty-nine of the best boot cuff patterns- both free and paid-for patterns- that have all the instructions that you need to make your own boot cuffs! Let’s get started. 

1. Bow Boot Cuffs By Loops Of Lavender

These cuffs are perfect if you want some cute bows with your boot cuffs for extra decoration! 

2. Diy Crochet Boot Cuff By See Vanessa Craft

Cost-effective and with an excellent design, these cuffs are great for those who don’t mind paying for their pattern, but who want to keep the cost down as much as possible. 

3. Lacy Button Boot Cuffs By Amy Latta Creations

The lacy accents on this crochet pattern offer a unique and stylish twist on the standard boot cuffs. 

4. Granny Square Boot Cuffs By Lullabylodge On Etsy

Despite their name, these boot cuffs aren’t relegated to the elderly! The pattern gives them a handmade look, designed to look as though your grandmother herself has lovingly crafted them! 

5. Brooklyn Boot Cuffs By Crochet Dreams

Simple yet stylish, these Brooklyn boot cuffs can be seen in three distinctive, winter-themed colors- red, green, and white-, but you can change up your chosen yarn to color them to your specific desires.

6. Sugar Maple Boot Cuffs By Kirsten Holloway Designs

Add a little sugary maple sweetness to your crocheted boot cuffs with this pattern, which features some cute ribbon bows. 

7. Belmont Boot Toppers By Jenn Wolfe Kaiser On Ravelry 

This is a great choice of boot cuff that is sure to add a dash of color to your winter wardrobe without the need for a massively bulky sock underneath your boot. 

8. Scalloped Boot Cuffs By Jenny Dickens On Ravelry

For a boot cuff with a unique shape, then these scalloped boot cuffs are sure to attract your attention. 

9. Peekaboo Picot Boot Cuffs By Cre8tion Crochet

This is a versatile crochet boot cuff pattern that can be adjusted for both warmer and colder temperatures by switching up the yarn.

10. Moroccan Midnight Boot Cuffs By Moogly

This is a beautiful boot cuff pattern that features a combination of colors to create a rich and textured cuff that is super stylish. It’s also a free pattern, which is always a positive!

11. Friendship Boot Cuffs By Fiber Flux

This pattern has an optional decorative edge on the top if you are feeling like giving the cuff a little more oomph! You can also include a button to up the style factor. 

12. Simple Crochet Boot Cuff By SewChatty

Another simple yet stylish boot cuff pattern, this design shows off the vibrancy that comes with using a yarn color such as magenta. 

The difference that the burst of color makes to your boots and outfit is undeniable!

13. Reversible Crochet Boot Cuffs By Dabbles & Babbles

Reversible boot cuffs can- as the name thoroughly suggests- be worn reversibly! This is a great practice feature, as you don’t have to worry that you might accidentally be wearing your cuffs inside out (it happens to the best of us!). 

14. Nettie Boot Cuff By LivingSkiesFibre On Etsy

This creative take on the boot cuff features an additional piece of yarn that wraps around the top of the cuff and can then be tied into a bow, as well as two separate yarn colors for the body of the cuff and a scalloped design on the top. 

15. Rustic Boot Cuffs By Highland Hickory Design

If you want more of a rustic vibe with your boot cuffs, then this is definitely the pattern for you! The lacy accents pair perfectly with the dark gray yarn and the brown buttons 

16. Crochet Boot Cuffs By The Batter’s Box 

This pattern has two variations: a straight edge and a scalloped edge. This gives you the choice to create the cuff you prefer, or even try creating both kinds!

17. Cute And Easy Crochet Boot Cuffs By Skip To My Lou

This is a crochet boot cuff pattern that would be great for beginners looking to get into crochet thanks to the relatively simple nature of the pattern. 

18. Owl Boot Cuffs By Ladydustbunny On Etsy

For a super cute and unique take on the crocheted boot cuff, consider these amazing patterns that allow you to create some adorable woodland owls as your cuffs! 

This might be a little tricker for beginners, but they are sure to be a hit with kids if you have little ones whose boots need some decoration (though of course, they are definitely not just for kids!)

19. Peeping Bunny Boot Cuffs By Blackstone Design On Etsy

This is another adorable animal style of crocheted boot cuff! 

The bunnies on this pattern have been designed to look like they are peeping up out of your boot, which is super cute but also highly unique and guaranteed to catch some eyes. 

Whether you make them for yourself or for a little one, these boot cuffs are a must for purveyors of all things ridiculously cute. 

20. Tulip Boot Cuffs By Heartmade Crafts Usa On Etsy

This highly creative pattern allows you to crochet little tulips into the top of the boot cuffs, which is a beautiful way to incorporate a fun design into your boot cuffs. 

You could also modify the pattern somewhat- in terms of what colors of yarn you use- to create all sorts of flowers!

Those were our top twenty picks of crochet patterns for boot cuffs, but check out the list below for nineteen more incredible patterns that you can check out right now!

  1. DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs By The Sutton Place 
  2. Woodland Boot Cuffs By PrettyDarnAdorable On Etsy
  3. Faux Sho Fur Boot Cuffs By Heart Hook Home
  4. Shelby Boot Cuffs By BySincerleyPam
  5. Reversible Tunisian Crochet Boot Cuffs By BHooked
  6. Chunky Boot Cuffs By BySincerleyPam
  7. Bobble Stitch Boot Cuffs By CreamCropCrochet On Etsy
  8. Penny Boot Cuff Pattern By JensTangledThreads On Etsy
  9. Slouchy Ankle Boot Cuff Pattern By CozyNooksDesigns On Etsy
  10. Diamond Crochet Boot Cuffs By CAAB Crochet On Etsy
  11. Chic Aran Boot Cuffs By My Hobby is Crochet
  12. Star Stitch Boot Cuffs By I Like Crochet
  13. I Heart Boot Cuffs By Felted Button 
  14. Plaid Crochet Boot Cuffs By Whistle And Ivy
  15. Celebration Boot Cuffs By Fiber Flux
  16. Autumn Sky Boot Cuffs By Same Di Namics Crochet
  17. Alpine Boot Cuffs By CraftyBamaStitch On Etsy
  18. Cable Boot Cuffs By VividBearHat On Etsy
  19. Grey Boot Cuffs By Stacey Williams On Ravelry

Final Thoughts

Acting as a great beginner’s project for budding crocheters, crocheted boot cuffs are a stylish way to add a bit of flair to your winter boots without having to wear huge socks all the time. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and download a pattern and start crocheting!

Helena Forsite