15 Delicious Coconut Cookies Recipes For Your Sweet Cravings

The exotic coconut is a staple ingredient in many kitchens around the world, and even places like the UK and the US are using it more and more in baked recipes.

15 Delicious Coconut Cookies Recipes For Your Sweet Cravings

If you love coconut and want to satisfy your sweet cravings with some coconut cookies, then you’ve come to the right place as this article has 15 delicious coconut cookie recipes for you to try.

Which are they? Keep on reading below to find out!

1. Coconut Macaroons

How many ingredients do you need to make these perfect coconut macaroons? Only 5.

Coconut flakes, flour, sugar, condensed milk, and vanilla are the main ingredients for these flaky bites that can be ready in less than 20 minutes.

To make the macaroons, the coconut flakes, flour, and sugar need to be stirred before you mix them with your hands in the vanilla and milk mix.

Once you blend the ingredients well together, take a spoon or ice cream scoop to make little dough balls and spread them on the baking sheet.

2. Oatmeal Chocolate Coconut Chewy

Sweet, and with a good dose of coconut, these oatmeal cookies have the perfect balanced texture as they are a bit chewy, a bit soft, and a bit crunchy, all at the same time!

With a very easy recipe to follow that asks for the basic cookie ingredients – butter, flour, sugar, eggs – the addition of shredded coconut, chocolate chips, rolled oats, and walnuts take these cookies to a whole new level.

3. Coconut-Pecan Cookies

With the coconut and pecans used to make these cookies offering their crunchiness, these buttery coconut pecan cookies are so rich in flavor.

Butter and sugar and whisk in a bowl until light and fluffy and are then combined with the flour and baking soda. The pecans and coconut are added to the end before placing the dough scoops on the baking tray.

Ready in less than 15 minutes, these cookies are a perfect treat or coffee snack.

4. Italian Coconut Cookies (Gluten-Free)

The classic Italian coconut cookies macaroons have a gluten-free alternative recipe that you can use to satisfy the sweet cravings of your coeliac partner or friend.

Made with only 4 ingredients, they can be ready in no time, as all you have to do is whisk the egg whites and sugar together until you have a soft and creamy texture, and then add the shredded coconut and gluten-free flour to the bowl and stir them together.

Use your hands to make small balls the size of a chestnut and roll them in some shredded coconut to cover them. Bake for around 30 minutes and you have some gluten-free treats ready to serve!

5. Keto Coconut Cookies

Now that we’ve covered the gluten-free folks, it’s time to care for those following a ketogenic diet. Even though cookies are traditionally made with wheat flour, these keto coconut cookies use some keto-friendly alternatives.

Coconut flour and almond flour are used as a replacement for the regular flour, while sugar is replaced with a sucralose sweetener.

With these substitutes being low in carbs, you can enjoy these cookies guilt-free and successfully stay in ketosis.

6. Chocolate Oatmeal Drop Cookies

For those who are not fans of baking or those who wish to make the cookie dough and head to their work without having to wait for the cookies to bake, no-bake cookies are the answer.

This chocolate oatmeal drop cookie recipe is so easy to make that you can have this delicious cookie dough ready in 5 minutes.

You simply have to boil the milk, sugar, butter, and cocoa together and then add the rest of the ingredients to the mix.

Once the dough is ready, get a spoon to form the cookies, and put them on baking paper.

Leave them in the fridge for an hour (or more if you’re not in a rush to serve them) and enjoy these no-bake cookies with your afternoon coffee.

7. Chococonut Cookies

If the combination of chocolate with coconut is something that you simply can’t get enough of, save this chococonut cookie recipe and make a batch of these cookies for the whole week.

Each cookie has only 85 calories, so don’t worry if you eat 3 or 4 of them in one sitting; you can easily burn them off… or not. Enjoy them and treat yourself as if they are extremely delicious and binge-worthy!

8. No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Cookies

While the recipe above is perfect for chocolate-coconut combo lovers, when there’s no time for baking, this no-bake chocolate coconut cookie recipe can come in handy.

Very yummy and very simple to follow, this recipe requires some stirring, boiling, and mixing of the 6 ingredients it asks for before shaping the cookies and letting them cool in the fridge.

9. Chewy Crispy Coconut Cookies

With only 100 calories per cookie, you can’t say no to a couple of these coconut cookies!

Many people made their claim that they are the best oatmeal cookies they have ever tasted, and who are we to doubt that?

Made with rolled oats, coconut, and cornflakes cereal (you can use frosted flakes if you want), these cookies are exactly what their title suggests: chewy and crispy.

Let us add to that the fact that they are also so simple to make that you won’t have to think twice about making them.

10. Anzac Biscuits

If you are from Australia, then you were probably waiting eagerly to see this cookie recipe on this list. If you are from the US, you are probably thinking to yourself “it’s cookies, not biscuits.”

No matter what you call them, these Australian coconut oat cookies are the next recipe to add to your weekly dessert list.

Made with quick-cooking oats, flaked coconut, flour, sugar, butter, and a spoon of golden syrup, they are quite different from what American cookies taste like, but you will only be convinced of that once you make them.

Click here for the recipe.

11. Shuku Shuku

There are many elaborate Nigerian recipes, and there are many others that are incredibly simple. 

The Shuku Shuku recipe falls under the second category, with only 4 ingredients needed to make these traditional Nigerian cookies.

Flaked coconut, egg yolks, and sugar are mixed together well to form dough balls that are then rolled in flour and baked for 20 minutes. Simple as that, and extremely delicious!

12. Alfajores Argentinean Style

If you look into cookies from around the world, we bet you will find many unique recipes with ingredients you might have never thought you could use together.

In Latin America, Alfajores are traditional coconut cookies made with coconut, orange or tangerine juice, zest, vanilla rum, dulce de leche, cornstarch, and other ingredients that, when combined, make these sweet bites one of a kind!

This recipe for Alfajores uses lemon instead of the above-mentioned citrus fruits, however, that should not stop you from using them if you like the orange or tangerine essence in cookies!

13. Oatmeal Banana Raisin Coconut Cookies

If you are throwing a party for your little one and want to treat his or her friends to some sweet yet healthy cookies, this recipe is exactly what you need.

Made with oats, bananas, raisins, and coconut, these cookies are not only full of different flavors, but are also low in calories and saturated fat.

The best thing about this recipe is that it yields 48 cookies which should be more than enough as a small appetizer or goodbye treat for the little pals joining your kid for its birthday.

14. Almond Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Your friends and family will be raving over these coconut almond cookies. Similar to the coconut pecan cookie recipe above, this one yields some crunchy and nutty cookies that are still soft and chewy.

The addition of chocolate to the mix makes them even better and perfect for those who think that “more is more.”

While you can enjoy them with a coffee or tea, if you belong to the latter group of people, then try dipping them in some vanilla ice cream too.

15. Coconut Oil Sugar Cookies

This recipe yields some alternative coconut cookies that we had to include in this list. What is so special about them is that they are made with coconut oil and they taste just like shortbread cookies.

Nevertheless, these cookies are much more moist and more scrumptious thanks to the oil, which also raises their fat content.

So, if you are on a low-fat diet, you might want to try no more than one of these cookies (hard to resist, but we believe in you).

For a celebratory occasion or to fancy them up, roll the top of these cookies in sugar or colorful sprinkles before putting them in the oven, or even use some cinnamon sugar for more options.

The Bottom Line

Even if your partner or kid is hesitant to try these coconut cookies, rest assured that you can change their mind with one bite.

Bake or no-bake, go for any one of these 15 delicious coconut cookie recipes, and watch them smile with joy once they taste these cookies.

Helena Forsite