5 DIY Home Decor Projects You Need To Try Yourself

If you’ve never done DIY then it can be a little daunting and intimidating. So if you are cautious about doing home improvement the best way is to start small. 

Then your successes will give you confidence to reach higher and try something a bit more challenging. So, to get you started here are 5 DIY home decor projects you need to try yourself. 

5 DIY Home Decor Projects You Need To Try Yourself

Wallpapering An Accent Wall

Wallpapering may seem like a scary thing to try as a first DIY project but once you get the hang of it (pun intended) there’ll be no stopping you. 

The best way to get to grips with wallpapering is to start with just one wall. Trying to do a whole room to begin with is a bit too much so stick with an accent wall. 

If the thought of cutting, measuring and pasting is a bit much then go with prepasted wallpaper to make things a bit easier. Wallpaper adds color, depth and texture to a room and an accent wall is a great way to create a visual impact. 

What About The Other Walls?

The rest of the walls are usually painted, so this is something you should do first. You don’t want to get paint on your nice wallpaper. 

If you are decorating the whole room then you will probably want to paint the ceiling, baseboards and trim around the door too. Start with the trim and then do the ceiling and finally the walls. 

Leave enough time for the paint to dry, and then you can start wallpapering your accent wall. 


Some wallpaper needs to be pasted and others require you to paste the wall so read the instructions carefully before you start. 

Measure the wall height and width, multiplying them together gives you the square footage. This will tell you how much wallpaper you will need. 

Paint Your Front Door

First impressions count and the first thing visitors to your home will notice is your front door. If it is looking a bit tired and drab this is a great DIY home decor project for you to get stuck into. 

How To Paint Your Front Door

For this you will need to take the door down as it is not a good idea to try and paint it in situ. Put it on a flat surface so that you have access to the underneath and top side of the door.

Remove all the hardware such as handles, hinges, door numbers, etc… Now you will need to sand, damp wipe and then dry your door. If there are any glass panels on the door it is a good idea to cover them up. 

Use a primer or a primer and paint all in one. This will make sure that the paint will stick to the surface. 

If using a primer let it dry for 24 hours before continuing. Paint the edges of the door first with a brush or foam roller. 

You should allow 24 hours between each coat of paint. Once it is all dry, reattach all your hardware and re-hang the door. 

Put Up A Shelf

Building a shelf is both practical and adds to the individual decor of your home. It is a good simple DIY project to give you some confidence in home improvement. It’s also very straightforward. 

Where To Build A Shelf?

First choose a location. For stability, you should use a wall stud detector to locate the studs and attach the supports to them. You should also determine if there is any wiring or any water pipes in the wall before drilling. 

If there are no studs where you want your shelf you can use drywall anchors but be careful of the amount of weight you put on the shelf. Longer shelves may need added support. 


Measure the height where you want the shelf to sit and then measure the distance between the supports. Mark the center points, this is where you will drill the pilot holes for the screws. 

Use a level to make sure the support brackets are in line with one another. Misaligned brackets will result in a sloping shelf. 

Putting Up Your Shelf

When the supporting brackets are in place, put the shelf on top and check again with a level. If you are happy with that, secure the shelf to the brackets for stability. Test the weight before you put any delicate or breakable items on the shelf. 

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Hang Some Pictures

Nothing personalizes a home like photos and artwork. So hanging pictures is one of the best home decor projects to master. 

How To Hang Pictures

Decide where you want to hang your pictures and measure the size of each. Typically the center of the picture is at eye level. If hanging a group, make sure the largest picture is in the middle of the group. 

Alternatively, you can hang pictures in a row or on a narrow wall, in a column. Before committing yourself, you can make outlines of the pictures on paper and tape them to the wall to check the placement. 


Use a level to check each paper outline is level before installing hooks or nails and lightly mark the position on the wall using tape to avoid writing on your wall. 

The weight of the picture will determine the type of hanging hardware you should use. You can use wire, saw tooth bars or even removable sticky pads. 

For the sticky pads, make sure the wall is clean to ensure the pads will stick. 

Hanging A Picture

Install the appropriate fixing into the wall according to the wall material. This may be drywall, plaster, masonry or concrete. 

Hang the picture from the fixing making sure it is level. If hanging a group make sure to leave a gap between the pictures. 

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The quickest way to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune is to paint your kitchen cabinets. And it’s not as daunting as you might think. 


Proper preparation is the key to a good finish. Take the doors and drawer fronts off if you can and clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt and grease. Remove any hardware.

Then sand the surfaces slightly, apply a primer in one or two coats and allow to dry. 


Once the primer is dry you can apply one or two coats of paint. Allow 24 hours between coats. Gloss and semi-gloss are ideal for kitchen cabinets as they are much easier to wipe clean. 

Put the doors and drawer fronts on a flat surface to paint, waiting until one side is dry before flipping it over to paint the other side. 

When the paint is completely dry you can re-attach any hardware, re-hang the cabinet doors and re-install the drawer fronts. 

Final Thoughts

Doing work around your home can give you the confidence to try more challenging projects. Once you have mastered some of the easier tasks you will feel able to move on to bigger things. 

We hope this guide to 5 DIY home projects you need to try yourself has inspired you to tackle some home improvement. 

Helena Forsite