11 Easy 5-Minute Crafts To Make This Week

While many people love occupying themselves with craft projects that they can work on for hours, days, and even months, not all of us have that much time in our days to get crafty.

11 Easy 5-Minute Crafts To Make This Week

In this article, you can discover 11 creative and easy 5-minute crafts that you can make at home alone or with the kids when you don’t have more free time but still want to do something fun and creative!

Within only 5 minutes, you can complete these simple craft projects and even create a habit out of them.

Spend a couple of days dedicating 5 minutes per day to make some of these crafts, and once you realize how much you enjoy it, you can add it to your weekly routine as a non-negotiable.

We are pretty certain that you will enjoy crafting as much as you will enjoy the time spent doing it with your partner or kids. Even if you prefer crafting alone, it will free your mind and take the stress out after a long day.

So, have a look below to discover the best crafts you can finish in no more than 5 minutes!

1. Feather Pencils

If your kids want to personalize their school supplies, these Handmade feather pencils are a fantastic option that they can use both during summertime and throughout the school year.

There really is no better way to instill the love of writing and drawing in your children than to provide them with some unique feather pencils.

This is one of the simpler craft projects for kids, so whether you are a parent, tutor, or have a kid’s soul, you will always have a quick and cheap way to keep a younger crowd entertained.

2. Color-Coded Keys

Do you frequently get your keys mixed up and have trouble remembering which one is which?

Stop wasting precious time searching for the correct key at every door with this extremely easy craft idea: paint them with nail polish!

A quick and easy project that will end up making your life much simpler.

Pick your preferred nail polish color (sparkly and/or vivid colors are better as you can easily see them even when it’s darker), coat the tops of the keys, and hold them up with a clothespin.

Once you’ve coated them twice or thrice and the polish has dried, you can test your keys and be amazed by how easily you can distinguish them.

3. Fresh Flower Wrist Corsage

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to eat cake, and you don’t have to go to a prom to wear a corsage.

This DIY 5-minute flower corsage can be made and worn anytime and for any occasion.

Even if you happen to walk in the park and find some pretty flowers, you can make this corsage and wear it during the week!

You simply have to thread beautiful flowers along with a stretchy thread and a needle to make this one-of-a-kind, low-cost floral wrist corsage.

4. Duct Tape Phone Case

You’re wrong to think that kids can’t make lovely crafts out of duct tape. This DIY duct tape phone case comes together quickly and easily, and you don’t even have to supervise them or guide them through.

DIY iPhone cases are a less costly option than store-bought equivalents. Plus, because duct tape comes in so many beautiful colors and patterns, it is impossible to run out of clever and easy crafting projects.

This is an excellent craft for older children or teenagers; if they are old enough to own a smartphone, they can show off their new case with pride.

If they do not own a mobile, they can make these DIY duct tape cases and offer them as a gift to the older members of the family.

5. Toiletry Bag

Is your purse overflowing with small objects like skincare products? Or are you constantly on the move? If you nodded to any of these two questions, this easy-to-make Toiletry Bag is a must-have!

When you carry small objects in your bag, they can easily move around and make it harder for you to find them when it’s time for you to use them.

However, this simple toiletry pouch can be the solution to your problem. The best part? You need no more than 5 minutes to make this adorable DIY pouch to keep all of your personal care products in one place.

With this bag, you can forget about digging around in your purse or storage boxes for those smaller items once and for all!

6. Photo Handmade Cards

Trying to make DIY cards does not need to be a full-day craft project. Layers upon layers of paper crafting can be entertaining, but simple and elegant DIY cards can also be effective.

If you are looking to make some pretty photo cards as a last-minute gift, check out this easy DIY photo handmade card tutorial to discover how you can make perfect handmade cards in minutes.

Create these Simple Photo Handmade Cards to discover how you can make perfect handmade cards in minutes. These simple cards are made with just a few paper pieces and only one photo per piece of paper.

This is a perfect personalized gift you can craft and offer to your family and friends, with photos of you together or other happy memories they will love to see on their birthday, Christmas, or “welcome home” card.

7. Upcycled Scarf Bracelet

Find some unused scarves that might benefit from a new lease on life and start making these adorable bracelet patterns in a couple of minutes.

This handmade upcycled scarf bracelet is a simple summer craft that will add a trendy touch to your outfits while keeping you comfortable.

These soft fabric wristbands take about 5 minutes to complete and can be made from all kinds of fabrics.

This nice, comfortable, and low-key handmade craft will certainly become a wardrobe must-have, with materials ranging from sparkly textiles to a rather typical t-shirt’s synthetic materials.

8. Plant Markers

Whereas garden crafts can turn into not only beautiful but also long-lasting décor ideas, there are times when you simply want a quick and easy way to organize your garden.

This is precisely why these 5-minute plant markers are such an ingenious concept.

This craft project made with recyclable materials is ridiculously simple and lets you label each one of the plants in your backyard from the very moment you plant it.

This super cute craft project, much like the rest of the tin can creations, is ridiculously simple to make.

Furthermore, these DIY 5-minute plant markers work as a garden shield as the tin can tops sparkle in the daylight and twinkle when it’s windy, frightening plant-eating critters.

In the same way, bunny rabbits will not attempt to eat your greens and blossoms.

9. Flower Yo-yo

These handmade fabric Yo-Yo blossoms are a lovely project for beginning crafters. They are also a great way to refresh your outfits without breaking the bank!

Start making beautiful flowers out of leftover bits with this DIY Flower Yo-Yo walkthrough. Place the little flowers into your hair or use them to make an early summer garden centerpiece for your dinner table.

These simple needlework projects are also ideal for children and adults wishing to learn how to sew. Every one of these adorable fabric yo-yo flowers takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Make each one of these blooms unique by customizing what goes in the middle.

10. Cat Tent

Offer your cat its own special spot without spending a dime for any store-bought, ridiculously expensive cat houses and tents.

These craft pet creations are made with recycled T-shirts, a square piece of carton, and two wire hangers. This DIY tent can be completed in 5 minutes if you are very crafty or have a helping hand (or two).

Have a look at this handmade cat tent tutorial and make a comfy place for your little pet to live in. Not only will you make it happy, but you will also make good use of that old T-shirt of yours!

If you live in a hot climate, it is probably best to place some paper on the ground of your cat tent to keep it cool. In a cooler environment, a blanket would be ideal.

11. Beach Tin Can Craft

Wash and repurpose old food tins to create convenient storage units for your coloring pencils. These easy-to-make recycled handmade ideas cost no more than $5 and only take about 5 minutes to complete.

What could possibly be simpler? This Beachy Tin Can Craft is ideal for the summer months. To cover up and beautify the exterior of your containers, use sand, small stones, seashells, or draw waves and umbrellas.

The Bottom Line

These 11 5-minute crafts are extremely easy to make and you can try making all of them in one day.

However, if you don’t have that luxury, spend 5 minutes each day trying one of them and try to find some extra time during the weekend for bigger craft projects.

Helena Forsite