Easy Crocheted Hot Pads (DIY Christmas Gifts Under $20)

While crochet projects are a hobby you can occupy yourself with year-round, they are for some reason linked to the Christmas holidays, with many people looking to make easy crocheted hot Pads as DIY Christmas gifts.

Easy Crocheted Hot Pads (DIY Christmas Gifts Under $20)

This is not only a great idea because of the personal touch in this do-it-yourself gift, but also because making a Christmas hot pad for each one of your friends or family members can do good to your wallet.

With a cost of under $20 to buy the material needed to make a crochet project like this, you should look no further as to what presents you should gift this year.

Crocheted hot pads will add a splash of vividness to a kitchen or dining area, beautifying your or your friend’s space without breaking the bank.

People who enjoy cooking and spend a great deal of time will love this considerable gift as these crochet hot pads we have in this article are both useful and eye-catching.

So, keep on reading below to learn more about how to make these fantastic and captivating crochet patterns for hot pads.

Candy Swirl Hot Pads

Do you enjoy swirls as much as we do? If you are nodding to that, then you’ll appreciate this impressive crochet hot pad pattern.

Its fantastic circular pattern, combination of colors, and distinct silkier texture make it an excellent addition to one’s Christmas interior decoration.

It can become a fantastic addition to your holiday decorations while also being very handy and practical.

It will undoubtedly bring a smile and lots of joy to everyone at home or to the person you’re gifting this hot pad to.

Finally, since it is incredibly cheap to make and you will have some money left on the side, you can gift this swirl hot pad alongside a Christmas hamper. It will make a nice gift for your mother or grandmother.

Crochet Cherry Pie Hot Pad

Once you become an ace in crocheting, creating patterns inspired by ordinary stuff can bring you feelings of delight and pride.

Especially when it comes to patterns inspired by food, there’s no way you will not amaze the person you are gifting this cherry pie hot pad to.

This Christmas hot pad pattern is ridiculously simple to crochet, and you can watch the video explaining how to do it here.

Mistletoe Hot Pads

Whether you like the idea of kissing under the mistletoe or you find it too cheesy, you have to agree that mistletoe is one of the most popular Christmas symbols.

That is why crocheting mistletoe hot pads for Christmas is a perfect way to decorate your kitchen and give it a touch of the Christmas spirit.

The mistletoe hot pad pattern is very easy to make and once you learn it, you can make as many hot pads as you want to give to your friends and family.

Christmas Tree Puff Hot Pads

If elegance and simplicity are what you are looking for, then this Christmas tree puffed hot pads are the perfect gift.

Many people consider the traditional red-green Christmas color combination to be too decadent, or others simply live in houses that have too modern or too minimal of a decoration for you to gift them a classic green and red Christmas decoration.

Luckily, these Christmas tree puffed hot pads are made with only one color and can be a discreet addition to anyone’s kitchen.

With only 3 materials required to make this holiday pattern, you can start crocheting as many hot pads as you want today. It is an affordable and easy-to-make gift that even you would love to be given.

Winter Tree Stripe Hot Pad

For an alternative Christmas tree pattern, try making these tree striped hot pads. They are extremely easy to make, and you can have them ready in no time!

Made with white and sage green skeins, they are also a simple and elegant addition to your or your friend’s kitchen, while their soft colors make them perfect for use year-round.

Christmas Wreath Hot Pads

These Christmas wreath hot pads go beyond the classic square hot pad pattern and come in a rounded form with a hole in the middle, just like a real Christmas wreath!

However, this shape difference should not discourage you from crocheting this pattern, as it is actually very easy to make.

With a simple pattern to follow, these hot pad wreaths can turn your Christmas dinner table or living room table into a jolly and festive area. Plus, if you have a Christmas tree, they will be the perfect green addition to the room!

Santa Hat Hot Pads

This would not be a Christmas DIY hot pads list without a Santa hat crochet pattern!

These unique Santa hat hot pads will catch your guests’ attention the very moment they enter your living room or kitchen.

With 19 rows in total, they can be very easy to make if you simply follow the instructions.

So, find some time this week to make a couple of Santa hat hot pads for yourself and make some extra for your friend who will ask for some once he/she sees them!

Snowflake Hot Pads

Snowy Christmas is what all kids and grownups wish for, as there’s nothing better than watching the snow falling outside with a warm cup of cocoa in your hands and your loved ones around you.

Unfortunately, not all of us get to experience snowy winters, but we can always bring some snowy vibes to our homes. How? Well, these snowflake hot pads are one way to do it!

While snowflakes are not the easiest of shape to make, this pattern can help you make them effortlessly and in bulk.

Candy Cane Hot Pads

For a sweet touch to the Christmas hot pads, you will be gifting this winter, use this candy cane hot pad pattern.

Easy to make and vibrant thanks to the red color skein you will use, they can become the greatest gift for your friend’s kids who enjoy their morning hot chocolate at home with their family.

Holiday Striped Hot Pads

We saved this easy holiday striped hot pad pattern for last, as we understand that not all people enjoy the idea of decorating their home with all the Christmas symbols on earth.

So, if you have already adorned your Christmas tree with all the balls and candy cane you had and have added fairy lights and other Christmas decorations in every corner of your house, you might want to make some simple colored hot pads that will not be that extra.

Easy to make and very versatile, you can even make these striped hot pads in non-Christmas colors and use them throughout the year.

The Bottom Line

The possibilities for making hot pads are endless.

These easy and quick crocheted hot pads are ideal for novices and amateurs who will find them extremely useful and enjoyable to make, so take some time to learn the patterns and get crocheting.

They are the perfect DIY Christmas gift that everyone will appreciate!

Helena Forsite