16 Free Crochet Earring Patterns (How To Make Tutorial Included)

16 Free Crochet Earring Patterns (How To Make Tutorial Included)

Earrings are one of the smallest crochet projects you can make but that doesn’t mean they’re simple and boring.

There are so many different patterns and styles of crochet earrings that you can make and regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert, there is sure to be a pattern for you.

In this article, we have 16 free crochet earring patterns for you to choose from.

1. Abby Earrings

These beautiful dangling earrings are made purely from crochet.

They look like hanging baskets with a flower inside and look great when made with two different but complementary colors.

The first step is to make the center flower and once this is made, you can move onto the teardrop outline that makes up the rest of the earring.

2. Cherry Blossom Earrings

Cherry blossoms are an enduring motif of spring due to the trees only blossoming for a short time during the season.

That makes these cherry blossom earrings the ideal jewelry to wear during spring.

The cherry blossoms are made with a puff stitch with a bead in the center and each earring has two blossoms made with two different colors.

3. Courtney Earrings

These pretty earrings are very versatile. The basic tutorial uses a single color of yarn to create the earrings but you can easily use two colors instead.

You can even add beads to the design to make these earrings even more elaborate.

The earrings are worked in the round and it’s a simple pattern to follow although you will need a very small hook to get all of the stitches in place.

4. Crafty Rainbow Earrings

Everyone loves seeing a rainbow and with this pattern you can make crochet rainbows for your ears.

The rainbows are made from only three colors but as they’re in the form of a tight arc, they’re easily identifiable as rainbows.

At the base of the rainbow is a white fringe that looks like a cloud.

5. Dreamcatcher Earrings

You can make your own mini-dreamcatchers with this earring crochet pattern.

The main part of the dreamcatcher begins with a magic circle and is worked in the round.

The bottom of the earring has a small fringe but you can leave this off the earrings if you want to.

6. Earring Jackets

If you’re looking for some small crochet earrings that won’t dangle past your earlobes, then this tutorial is for you.

It has two designs to choose from but they are all small and dainty earrings that can be threaded in between regular studs.

You can choose from a heart or flower and they both begin with a magic circle. 

7. Fringe Statement Earrings

There are a few different pairs of earrings in this article that have a fringe, but these fringe statement earrings stand out because they have two fringes of different colors.

You will need to crochet both a circle and larger half circle and attach a fringe to both. They’re then layered so you get two matching fringes of different lengths.

8. Interlocking Triangles Earrings

There are many earrings on this list that use circles as the base of their design but if you want something different, consider these interlocking triangle earrings.

After crocheting one triangle, a second triangle is then added so that it intersects the center and makes them connected.

Choose two complementary colors for your yarn for the best effect.

9. Large Royal Earrings

At three inches in size, these royal earrings are large enough to be noticed without being large enough to get in the way.

They start with a magic ring and are worked in the round, with the earring fitting being placed on the corner to give a diagonal design.

When crocheted in white, they look like snowflakes.

10. Micro Crochet Heart Earrings

Hearts are always a popular shape and design for jewelry and you can make your own heart-shaped earrings with this tutorial.

You will need a very small crochet hook for these earrings as the hearts themselves are also very small.

If you want some dainty and pretty heart earrings, this pattern is for you.

11. Mint Spirit Earrings

If you like earrings that dangle and have some length to them, you will love these mint spirit earrings.

They evoke the image of a dream catcher thanks to the solid circle at the top and the long threads at the bottom.

For the crochet part of the earring you will need to create a magic ring and use chains, slip stitches, and single crochet.

Underneath the crochet circle are a couple of beads and some extra yarn to make the earrings six inches in length.

12. Paw Print Earrings

These unique earrings are adorable and will not only look great in your ears but will also make for a great gift for any animal lovers out there.

The earrings take the shape of paw prints with a central pad and four toes. You will need to work in both the round and also in rows for these cute earrings.

13. Pineapple Earrings

These earrings are completely different from anything else on the list.

The pattern teaches you how to make fully 3D pineapples that make great earrings and can also be used to make a matching pendant.

The bulk of the pineapple is made from several crocheted circles placed one on top of the other to make a pineapple that is around one and a half inches tall in total.

14. Sally Skulls Earrings

These earrings are the perfect project and jewelry for Halloween.

Each earring features a skull wearing an orange and black bow although you could leave the bow if you wish and leave the skulls plain.

The skulls are worked in rows and feature both eye and nose sockets for that creepy but cute skull effect.

15. Sub Rosa Earrings

This pattern makes earrings that are in the shape of a two-inch square that hangs diagonally.

They’re worked in the round from the center to the edges and use two different colored yarns.

The interior of the earrings features an ornate pattern whereas the edges are a simpler and more solid stitch. 

To successfully make these earrings you will need to implement chains, slip stitches, half double crochet, and double crochet.

16. Trypdisc Earrings

The idea behind these earrings is pretty simple but it works very well.

As the name of the pattern suggests, the earrings are made from three circular discs that are attached together to make some long and stylish earrings.

These earrings will look especially great when made from three different complementary colors.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 16 free crochet earring patterns. The earrings ranged from simple patterns to more complicated ones so there was a pattern for everyone.

Many of the earrings require only crochet to make but others use beads, hoops, or extra yarn to make beautiful designs.

Whether you want a simple single color earring or one that has multiple colors, you’re sure to find something for you.

We hope that you enjoy making all of these earrings and find them as beautiful as we do.

Helena Forsite