14 Fun Family Crafts Everyone Will Enjoy

Spending quality time with the kids is the best way for the family to bond and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish as they grow up.

14 Fun Family Crafts Everyone Will Enjoy

While you can sit and watch a film together, make puzzles, or play board games, a great way to spend time together with the kids is by making some fun family crafts that everyone will enjoy.

In this article, we have 14 fun family craft ideas you can use even this evening and get crafting with your little ones.

From paper roll projects to shoe painting, all the crafts included are very easy to make and we are certain that the kids will be begging you to craft something else the next day.

So, keep on reading below to see what you can craft with your kids and have a fun family time!

1. Cardboard Tube Faces

Instead of recycling your cardboard tubes and paper rolls, start collecting them for a fun evening with the kids and get crafting!

A paper roll can turn into a great base or ‘face’ for any character your kids’ love, and you can even use your imagination to create new characters and give them your own names!

Here’s an inspirational idea of some paper roll scarecrows and a video on how to turn a cardboard tube into a cute monster.

2. Paper Roll Flower Art

If you have already made a paper roll character with your kids, then try making a paper roll flower art using the rest of the paper rolls you collected.

It is very easy to make and after you’ve cut and shaped the paper rolls into flower petals, the kids can paint them and the canvas in whatever colors they want!

3. Worm Pencil Holder

A Worm Pencil Holder is a brilliant way of getting your little book lovers involved in some crafting!

Your children will adore their new pencil holder which can also be used to keep their pens, crayons, and so on.

This craft will definitely brighten up their studying and inspire them to study or work on their next crafting project.

While you can use green color for the worm as in this crafting project, you can also ask your kid what color they would like their pencil holder to be and get that paper color instead.

4. Confetti Soap

These simple DIY confetti soaps are truly a great way to spend some quality time with the kids creating something everyone can use and escape the ordinary paper crafting projects.

While many might think that you need special equipment and chemical materials to make soap, we are here to tell you that you can make your own soap using plain melt and pour soap.

All you have to do is melt the soap, add some fragrance, divide it into molds, and stir in the confetti. That’s it!

5. Paper Plate Pirates

If your little boy is obsessed with pirates, then these paper plate pirates are going to excite him.

Even though you need a few materials to make them, they are all very easy to get. You might even have everything already at home.

Your little one will love playing with these pirate faces and placing them in front of his face pretending to be a pirate. Don’t forget to take photos or videos of him and even dress him up as a pirate to master the disguise!

6. Paper Plate Sunflower

If you have a little girl in the family too, don’t let her stand there feeling jealous of her brother. Use paper plates and make some paper plate sunflowers with her.

Bright, beautiful, and perfect as a summer decoration, it is the perfect craft project to keep her occupied and spend some quality time crafting with both of them!

7. Paper Plate Fans

The summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, and a fan can always come in handy. Instead of buying one, make some paper plate fans for the family and ask your kids to make them any way they like.

With simple material and an easy process, you can make these paper plate watermelon fans and then have your kids make different ones with all kinds of round fruit they want to eat.

While you are crafting along, get some fresh fruit on the table to eat and use for inspirational purposes!

8. Red Seashell Crabs

If you are living by the beach or are visiting one in the summertime, you are most probably going to walk across the coastline with your kids and collect as many seashells as you can.

While you can use them as decoration at home, you can use some of the seashells for a fun family craft. One of the best ideas is these red seashell crabs you can make with your kids!

The kids will love this project and immediately start coloring the seashells after selecting which ones they will use for the crabs’ bodies and which ones will become their claws.

Once they are done, it’s time for you to do your magic and turn these red-colored shells into crabs using a hot glue gun.

9. Bubble Wrap Hot Air Balloon

Everyone loves using bubble wrap for crafting! Not only is the paintwork enjoyable for children, but the texture of the bubble wrap has the potential to create some incredible art pieces which you can make as a family.

This hot air balloon is one of the best ways to make use of your bubble wraps. The secret to its perfection is the newspaper that you can stuff inside which creates a 3-D effect.

10. Black Sheep

The easiest way to teach your kids the different animals in the animal kingdom is by showing them what they look like, or even better crafting those animals with them!

If you have ever gone to the countryside on a family trip, we’re pretty certain that the kids were fascinated when they saw sheep walking in the meadows.

The best moment was probably when they heard them bleat with that characteristic “baaa” sound. While you can mimic that sound for fun, it’s much better doing that with this black sheep craft in hand!

11. Bobby Pin Chevron Earrings

Collect your bobby pins and transform them into a new favorite piece of jewelry you can keep for your daughter to wear once she gets her ears pierced.

Match these DIY earrings with her simple outfits and brighten them up before heading off to that classmate’s birthday party.

We bet all the kids will love them and the rest of the parents will be asking you where you bought them from!

12. Coloring Book Jar Toppers

Keeping your kids occupied with coloring books is a classic method. However, when you want to spend some family time crafting with the kids, you can use their coloring book paintings and add them to jar lids.

Find a coloring book with fruit designs like strawberries, plums, and cherries, and use a circle punch to cut out the coloring page once your kids have colored the fruit.

With a hot glue gun, stick the round piece and ribbon on the jar lid, and then make some fruit jam with your kids to make good use of the decorated jars!

13. Painted Shoes

14 Fun Family Crafts Everyone Will Enjoy

If you have some white or beige All Stars that you want to brighten up or make more playful, gather your kids around this evening and paint them together.

You can add different colors and draw different shapes, but you can also find a theme, like Christmas, and draw them according to that.

If you kids have some white shoes that you want to ‘freshen up’ too, you can all agree on painting and drawing them in the same way and wear them together on, say, Christmas Eve!

14. Painted T-shirts

If you do not have any white shoes you can paint on, you definitely have some old plain white t-shirts you can use to paint and draw with the kids.

With this easy tutorial, you can gather all the old t-shirts you have at home and haven’t worn in years or only wear at home and use them to get creative with your little ones.

From their name initials to butterflies and flowers, you can draw anything you want on them and wear them at home. If you can make one for each member of the family, take a photo of yourself to send to the grandparents!

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has brought some inspiration for your next crafting session with your little ones.

Kids’ fantasy is extraordinary, and these 14 fun family craft ideas are a great way to help them release all their creativity on a project. Painting shoes, coloring fruit patterns to then use them as jar lids.

There is really no limit to what you can do together and spend some fun, quality time as a family, so use these ideas and enjoy this time spent together with them!

Helena Forsite