Kid-Friendly Red, White, And Blue Fruit Skewers (Great For Parties)

Are you looking for some kid-friendly fruit skewers and don’t know where to start? Maybe your kids have requested red, white, and blue skewers for an upcoming party and you are not sure what to put on them?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what the reason might be that brought you here, we have the answer for you!

Kid-Friendly Red, White, And Blue Fruit Skewers (Great For Parties)

Figuring out how best to get your kids to eat fruit can be tricky, especially if you have a fussy eater. It can seem that no matter what you do, they turn their nose up at it and don’t want to know. But what if we told you there was a way to make fruit exciting for them? 

That’s right, fruit skewers! Not only will these wow your kids, but they are sure to be a crowd pleaser at a party. But finding the right fruit and assembling them can be tricky, and often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

But we are here to combat that too! Keep reading for our delicious kid-friendly red, white, and blue fruit skewers that are great for parties! 

What Are Fruit Skewers?

Before we dive into today’s article, let’s have a quick recap for those that need it! Fruit skewers are essentially fruit that has been loaded onto a skewer. It really is that simple! The fresh fruit can either be chopped or kept whole and is pierced by the skewer. 

You can fill the skewer as much as you want, just be sure to pierce the fruit at its center so that it stays attached to the skewer, the last thing you want is for the fruit to fall off while you are enjoying them!

For children, we suggest using a skewer that doesn’t have sharp edges to prevent them from stabbing themselves. You could also cover the bottom of the skewer so they don’t hurt themselves. There are plenty of options out there you can explore. 

Now that we have briefly established what fruit skewers are, let’s move on to see how you can make red, white, and blue fruit skewers!

What You Need For Red, White, And Blue Fruit Skewers?

For our fruit skewers today, we are using three ingredients. You can change these up of course, depending on what you have in and any allergies your children might have. The colors of the fruit will help with our red and blue, while we take the white from a sweet treat! 

The colors of these skewers are perfect for a 4th July party, or just adding some brightness to a party table. So let’s get into the list now so you can see what you need for your fruit skewers! 

  • 24 Bamboo skewers 
  • 1 Pint of Strawberries 
  • 1 Pint of Blueberries 
  • 1 Cup of Mini Marshmallows 

If you have any children following a vegetarian or vegan diet, then you will need to make sure the marshmallows do not contain any gelatine (which is derived from animal bones and marrow).

These days vegan marshmallows and mini marshmallows are widely available in grocery stores and online, so they should not be too difficult to source. 

Once you have your ingredients it is time to make your skewers! 

How To Make Fruit Skewers

You can make your tasty red, white, and blue fruit skewers in five easy steps. Just follow along with our step-by-step guide to create some delicious fruit skewers today!

Step 1 – Wash Your Fruit 

To start, take your strawberries and blueberries and run them under the cold tap. You will want to thoroughly wash them to remove any dirt or pesticides that could be on them. It is best to use fresh fruit bought the day you intend to eat the skewers or the day before. 

Once the fruit has been washed, pat dry with a kitchen towel. 

Step 2 – Cut Your Strawberries 

Next, you will want to cut your strawberries so they are the same size as your blueberries and marshmallows. Make sure you remove the green stem of the strawberry too when doing this! 

Step 3 – Build Your Skewer 

Once your fruit is cut, take a bamboo skewer and start to thread your fruit onto it. Start with a strawberry before adding a marshmallow and a blueberry.

Kid-Friendly Red, White, And Blue Fruit Skewers (Great For Parties)

This order will give you the red, white, and blue skewer that you want! Ideally, thread your strawberries so that the seed side is facing one side. That way, you get a clean look that is perfect for a party!

Repeat this step until the skewer is full. Make sure you leave a gap at the top and bottom of the skewer for your child to hold the skewer easily. 

Step 4 – Repeat 

Once you have made one skewer, you can repeat the process until you have made the desired amount of skewers. You might want to allow two or three skewers per child depending on how big they are. 

If you have used the quantities that we have suggested, then you should end up with24 skewers full of strawberries, blueberries, and mini marshmallows! 

Step 5 Cover And Serve

If you are serving your skewers immediately, transfer them to a plate and serve them! If not, cover the skewers and place them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them.

For them to be as fresh and tasty as possible, we recommend making the skewers no more than 24 hours before you plan to serve them. 

What Other Fruit Can I Use For Fruit Skewers?

If you don’t want to use the fruit we have suggested or aren’t too bothered about the colors then you can use other fruit! We think the following work well on skewers and are pretty easy to assemble: 

  • Bananas 
  • Blackberries 
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon 
  • Apple slices 

To prepare fruit skewers with any of these fruits, simply wash and dry the fruit before cutting to ensure they are the same size as the mini marshmallows. Then you can thread the fruit chunks onto the skewer and serve as we did with the fruit skewers earlier. It is that easy!

You can also substitute the mini marshmallows if you want. We love swapping them out for Angel Food Cake pieces when we want the skewers to feel more like a dessert than a healthy snack! 

Simply cut the cake into 1-inch cubes and you can thread them onto the skewer with the fruit. This is a lovely treat and one your kids are sure to enjoy! It also works well at parties, especially if you don’t want a big cake, give the children these fruit and cake skewers instead! 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, how you can make red, white, and blue fruit skewers that are perfect for parties in five easy steps! Making the skewers shouldn’t take too long either, especially once you are in the rhythm of threading the skewers.

It’s easy to party prep that is sure to pay off! After all, what child do you know that doesn’t enjoy eating sweet treats from a skewer?

Helena Forsite