13 Mouth Watering Blueberry Cake Recipes You Need To Make!

If you’re not used to baking cakes, it can be an extremely daunting task, a lot can go wrong when making a cake, which is why a lot of people find it so scary.

15 Mouth Watering Blueberry Cake Recipes You Need To Make!

But whilst there is so much that can go wrong whilst baking a cake if you get the end result right, there you’ll be sure to be rewarded with a gorgeous tasting cake!

Blueberries are an excellent addition to most cakes, which is why we’ve created a list of all of the best blueberry cake recipes that you get making, and they’ll be sure to leave your mouth watering! 

Blueberry, Lemon, And Cream Cheese

This cake has everything you could want from a delicious blueberry cake.

The super tangy lemon combines well alongside the sweetness that comes from the blueberries, which gives this cake a truly unique taste that just can’t be beaten! 

So whether you’re making it as a general dessert, or dressing it up for a birthday cake, this recipe is sure to go down a storm whether it’s for family, friends, or guests!

So, what are you waiting for? Get baking!

More Berries Than Cake

If you have an abundance of blueberries, whether they be fresh or frozen, and you need to try and figure out the best way to make use of them, then check out this recipe, and you can help save them from going to waste! 

With only 15 minutes of prep time needed, and a recipe consisting of things that you’ll likely just have hanging around your kitchen, you’ll be able to create this cake fit for the blueberry lover in your life. 

Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

Easy, delicious, and made with only the usual cake ingredients, this blueberry cake does exactly as it says in the title, and is the ultimate combination of taste and texture with minimal effort required. 

If you’re someone who likes blueberry muffins but wants something that can provide a more sizable portion, then you should consider baking this yummy blueberry cake.

This ultra moist cake will have a particularly thick batter whilst baking it, but don’t worry too much, as this will ensure that the cake is particularly moist and succulent, but not too soggy either! 

Simple Crunchy Blueberry Cake

This cake is unbelievably easy to make, and is given its super crunchy texture as a result of the inclusion of cinnamon and brown sugar, which ensures that this cake not only has the usual gorgeous cake texture but is also stacked with flavor too! 

Aside from the blueberries, it might seem a bit plain, but this is exactly why it’s so versatile, you can serve it with some custard, nice cold ice cream, or even a big dollop of whipped cream if you’re feeling particularly naughty!

You can also use either fresh or frozen blueberries for this recipe, so you should have no problems making this cake! 

Blueberry Bundt Cake

Starting off as a general pound cake, this blueberry bundt cake is a really heavy and thick cake.

Plus, this cake has a super secret ingredient, which is almond extract! Almond extract makes the perfect accompaniment alongside the blueberries.

The secret to this cake is to combine this batter until it’s super smooth and then add in two pints of your fresh or frozen blueberries! 

You also want to make sure that you coat the bundt pan you use with plenty of cooking spray, before coating it in flour to ensure that the cake doesn’t stick to the inside of the pan whatsoever. 

Blueberry Layered Birthday Cake

Need something special for a birthday or special occasion, then we’ve got you covered! 

Full to the brim with that delicious blueberry flavor, it’s also really moist, which is because these recipes make full use of fresh blueberries, which really ensures that this cake really takes on the juices from the berries. 

If you’re a fan of blueberries you’re simply going to adore this cake recipe, so you should absolutely think about making this cake, then you should absolutely get making this cake as soon as possible! 

Breakfast Cake

Who says you can’t have cake for breakfast? Certainly not us, if anything, we’re encouraging you to go ahead and have some!

Overflowing with delicious and juicy blueberries, this crumbly breakfast cake is super filling and is great for those who often find themselves running out of time to eat breakfast in the mornings before their day begins. 

You want to make sure your measurements are spot on when it comes to this recipe, as even the slightest change could affect your finished cake! 

Grandmother’s Blueberry Sheet Cake

Simple ingredients that most people will have in their pantry? Check. Delicious Blueberries? Also check.

And that is all you need in order to make one of the tastiest blueberry cakes you’ll find anywhere!

This cake is a great reminder of your grandmother’s excellent baking, and can be thrown together using any mix of ingredients.

Plus, you can eat this either for breakfast, or as a dessert, there’s no rules!

So, if you want to have some cake that reminds you of home and of family, check this recipe out. 

Simple Salty Blueberry Cake

Another super simple blueberry cake recipe, although this recipe calls for the use of sea salt, alongside raw sugar and maple syrup in order to really enhance the flavor of this sweet treat. 

The versatility of this cake is wonderful, so whether you decide to serve it with ice cream, whipped cream, pouring cream, or Greek yogurt, it can be served in a way that will suit anyone. 

This recipe makes use of buttermilk, and if you’re interested, also has a recipe in order to create your own buttermilk.

Additionally, you could use an alternative in order to make it dairy free, or swap out the grains for a gluten free version! 

Light And Fluffy Blueberry Cake

By this, no, we don’t mean that this cake is literally fluffy.

What we do mean, is that this cake’s texture is absolutely phenomenal, and once you’ve cut yourself a slice and tried some, then you’ll be craving more instantly!

Don’t get confused though, this cake is still bursting with flavor, and makes for an excellent afternoon sweet treat! 

You can also freeze this cake too once you’ve allowed it to cool down, so if you want to cut it into slices and put it into individual zip bags in the freezer, then you can keep your cake fresh for much longer! 

Butter And Blueberries: The Best Cake Combo!

This blueberry cake is extremely decadent and is probably much more like a coffee cake, so it makes it perfect for morning coffee time or even afternoon meetings!

Of course, you can eat this cake whenever you want really. 

This recipe calls for 2 and ½ cups full of blueberries, so you know it’s going to be packed with that rich juicy flavor that everyone loves. 

Measuring the flour correctly is important on this one, otherwise, you could run the risk of your cake turning out to be incredibly dry, which no one wants.

To prevent this, you should ensure that you whisk your flour beforehand, and to use a dry measuring cup, level it off before you place it on the scales. 

10 Minute Blueberry Cake

That’s right, we weren’t lying, this blueberry cake takes a mere 10 minutes to prepare. Imagine that?

A gorgeous cake all prepared for baking in the space of 10 minutes, magical. 

With almond slices, cinnamon, and of course, these sweet and juicy blueberries, this blueberry cake is packed full of flavor, so don’t go assuming that just because this cake takes a short time to prepare, it is going to lack in taste! 

You can store this cake at room temperature for 2 days before it needs to make its way to the refrigerator, where it can then last for another week.

But we reckon you’ll have no problem eating it all at that time. 

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Simple to make and absolutely delicious, this cake is an absolutely perfect combination of flavors and is going to be incredibly popular with you and your guests who get to try a slice!

The walnuts, cinnamon, and blueberries all culminate to form that jam-like center, with the sponge itself being wonderfully airy and light.

There’s also something of a secret ingredient in this cake that will have all of your guests wondering what it is, and the shock they’ll have on their faces when they find out it’s sour cream will be priceless!


Whether you’re a long time lover of blueberries, or new to the scene, hopefully some of these recipes intrigue you enough that you can begin baking your own blueberry cake!

Helena Forsite