18 Mouth Watering Lemon Cake Mix Recipes

With these lemon cake mix recipes, you can elevate the ordinary boxed mix to a whole new level of dessert pleasure. You can do a lot more with a lemon mix than just creating lemon cake.

Of course, you can prepare a variety of other cake recipes as well as buttery cookies, smooth cheesecakes, and rich truffles.

18 Mouth Watering Lemon Cake Mix Recipes

We’ll show you 18 delectable lemon mix recipes in this article. They all use a lemon boxed cake mix, so you know they’re all ridiculously simple to make.

1. Lemon Crinkle Cookies

These Lemon Crinkle Cookies are delicious and only require 4 ingredients to make. They are simple to make, fluffy and soft. While also being loaded with lemon flavor. These cookies bake in 30 minutes or less from preparation to baking. 

These cookies are much more enticing to consume because of their simple and crinkly appearance. 

2. Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


With the help of a lemon cake mix, buttermilk, sour cream, and lemon zest, a beautifully moist cake can be created. 

A beautifully smooth lemon-infused vanilla frosting is used to fill and decorate this lemon poppy seed cake. Which is the ideal accompaniment to the cake. 

This recipe is ideal when you need a celebratory cake. The poppy seeds add a delightful nutty flavor and crunch. They also give your cake an attractive appearance. 

3. Strawberry Cheesecake Lemon Bars

These strawberry cheesecake lemon treats have a creamy texture thanks to the delicious cheesecake swirl in the middle. This recipe for lemon bars has chambers of strawberry preserves that give them a pleasant sweet kick.

Overall, you can whip up a batch of incredibly attractive and delicious bars that are sweet, fruity, and slightly acidic in under an hour.

4. Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake

An unexpected flavor explosion from vanilla frosting combined with puréed fresh strawberries transforms this fluffy lemon poke cake.

It’s a dish that tastes like the finest days of summer when it’s finished with whipped cream, sliced fresh strawberries, and lemon peel. 

The lemon balances out the sweetness from the strawberries, lemonade and vanilla cake. It is a delicious and easy cake to make. 

5. Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake

Make lemon blueberry dump cake with a box of lemon cake mix and fresh or frozen blueberries. It has a handmade cobbler-like flavor.

This dump cake with lemon and blueberries requires no mixing or additional bowls. You only need to combine 5 ingredients in your dish, bake it, and you’ll have a delicious dump cake. Which is best served with your favorite ice cream.

6. Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

With only 3 ingredients, these chewy yet soft lemon cake mix cookies are very scrumptious and simple to create.

Simply combine all the ingredients, roll the mixture into balls, and bake the cookies for 10 minutes to make them. You’ll never find an easy recipe when you want lemon cookies in a rush.

7. Lemon Jell-O Cake

This Jell-O cake with lemon flavor originates all the way to the 1960s. It’s a classic treat that is still delectable today.

Evidently, the method of mixing Jell-O or pudding with a boxed cake mix has been used for a very long time. With this magical combination, you truly can’t go wrong. 

These two synthetic ingredients combine to produce a luscious, delicate, and cooling cake. You’ll be surprised at how moist and refreshing this lemon cake is. 

8. Lemon Cake Truffles

Lemon pound cake may be easily transformed into truffles by crumbling it, shaping it into small balls. Then dip them in white chocolate for the final touch.

The simple Lemon Truffle recipe is ideal for all kinds of gatherings. They make no mess and are the ideal size to put in your mouth with ease.

9. Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

These adorable miniature cupcakes were inspired by traditional lemon meringue pie. The tart treats are covered in fluffy, toasted meringue and contain a secret lemon pie filling.

Although the meringue may appear challenging, this recipe outlines every step in detail. Make them for your upcoming special event. 

The luscious lemon cakes, which are sweetened by the sweet meringue icing. While the surprise, tangy and sour filling will leave an unforgettable impression on your visitors.

10. Key Lime Cake

The most reviving and zesty cake is made using lime jello and lemon cake mix. It’s the ideal treat to present at a barbecue in the summer.

This cake is sure to impress because both the cake and the icing are bursting with lively and zesty flavors. Nobody needs to know that it wasn’t produced entirely from scratch!

11. Lemon Cake Mix Brownies

With only a few basic ingredients and a cake mix. This recipe for lemon cake mix brownies produces a simple, gooey dessert that lemon enthusiasts will like. Lemon brownies are made with just 6 ingredients and require as few as 5 minutes of preparation time. 

Additionally, you have the option of leaving these brownies plain or dousing them with a silky and sweet glaze.

12. Lemon Bundt Cake

The simplest, most delectable lemon cake you’ve ever had is made with just two secret ingredients—cake mix and instant pudding. If you can’t get your hands on lemon pudding, then you could also use vanilla instead. 

This recipe will help you to make a moist and tender cake that has a strong lemony flavor profile. Once baked, this lemon bundt cake will not only look impressive but will be able to feed a large group of people. 

13. Mini Lemon Drop Cupcakes

Lemon cake mix is the basis for these delectable bite-sized sweets called mini lemon drop cupcakes. Lemon glaze is spread over them; this glaze absorbs into the cupcakes, giving them even more moisture and delectable flavor. 

This is a really straightforward recipe, which results in you serving delicious lemony cupcakes which are served upside down. 

14. Lemon Biscotti

These famous Italian biscuits are a breeze to make when you use a lemon cake mix. The lemon cake mix provides your biscotti with all the flavors that you require.

In addition to that, this recipe is incredibly straightforward to follow, and you’ll be able to enjoy these biscuits with a cup of coffee within 2 hours. These also make the perfect gifts at Christmastime, that all your friends and family will enjoy. 

15. Easy Lemon Trifle

This simple lemon trifle is composed of layers of lemon cake and homemade lemon cream. Layers of lemon cake and creamy lemon filling make up a straightforward lemon trifle.

If you’d like, you can alter this dish by using different flavors, like those from different fruits or berries. Alternately, stick to lemon flavors only.

16. Lemon Orange Jell-O Poke Cake

This lemon poke cake has orange Jell-O drizzled over it in place of the traditional sweetened condensed milk. The orange flavored jello-o’s deliciousness gives the cake its great moistness and flavor. The flavor combination of orange and lemon truly pops. 

Whipping cream is used to top the cake, providing a fluffy counterpoint to the light sponge cake. Overall, this is a superb poke cake and a flavor combination that a lot of people forget about.

17. Lemon And White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Lemon and white chocolate cake mix cookies are a delicious treat that only require four basic ingredients. They are sweet, lemony, and really simple to create. Yes, lemon cookies are indeed a classic.

However, these cookies are especially exceptional because they contain white chocolate! The tangy lemon flavor is a perfect complement to the sugary white chocolate chips. 

When it comes to baking cookies, a quick and simple hack is to use cake mix. It saves a ton of measurement time and consistently produces soft, tasty cookies.

18. Raspberry Lemon Cake

A lemon cake mix is used to make this simple raspberry lemon poke cake. While sweetened condensed milk is soaked throughout the cake to keep it moist.

Despite the cake’s dense texture, it is incredibly light in flavor and refreshing. This lemon cake has a sweet and tangy flavor thanks to the creamy lemon mousse icing and raspberry preserves. On a hot day, it’s such a cool treat to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the list is endless on what you can do with a simple lemon cake mix. Obviously, you can create a wide range of cakes and cupcakes. Yet, you can also use this simple cake mix to make cookies and brownies. 

Lemon cake mix can help you achieve a light and flavorful dessert that has plenty of lemon flavoring. We hope you have found this article useful and find another use for your lemon cake mix that has been hiding in your kitchen cupboard.

It is a much more versatile ingredient than bakers realize.

Helena Forsite