Only Love Today ~ Life Changing Book Review

The inspiring book from Hands Free Mama’s best-selling author Rachel Macy Stafford is titled Only Love Today.

Through her poetry and moving short writings on her blog, Stafford inspires millions of readers of both her books and blog.

Only Love Today ~ Life Changing Book Review

These fragments, together with several fresh, original writings, are collected in the stunning book Only Love Today, which is organised all around four seasons.

You will always find new, lovely phrases for each day, whether it be daily sacrifice in the autumn, daily optimism in the winter, or everyday bloom and daily sparks throughout the spring and summer.

This article will discuss Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford, with an open and honest review to help you determine whether it is the right choice for your next read.

What Is Only Love Today About?

In this special seasonal devotional, New York Times novelist Rachel Macy Stafford offers brief daily inspirations to encourage you in your quest to live a hands-free, heart-led life every day.

The Hands Free Mama, aka Rachel Macy Stafford, gives readers the tools they need to bring life to what matters most: the everyday events and people in our daily lives.

This lovely collection of short essays organised all around seasons of life is filled with her encouraging remarks.

You should always find new, lovely phrases for each day, whether it be daily acquiescence in the autumn, daily confidence in the winter, or daily bloom and flare in the summer and spring months.

Only Love Today provides life-giving words with a flexible, timeless devotional format that serve as a reminder of the resources and understanding you already have.

The following benefits can be found in this book:

  • When you’re conflicted, clarity
  • When you’re divided, unity.
  • When you’re uncertain, faith.
  • When the soul is worn out, rest.

It serves as a reset button that brings you back to what’s important.

No matter what you’re going through or which season you’re in, you’ll find insight, inspiration, power, vision, and clarity in these pages to live for what matters most.

Who Is Rachel Macy Stafford?

With a Master’s in education, New York Times novelist Rachel Macy Stafford is also a licenced special education teacher.

This seasoned writer felt prompted to share her experience learning to let go of diversion and focus on what really mattered a few years ago, so she started the wildly successful site Hands Free Mama.

Using her talents as a writer, educator, and motivator, Rachel offers readers easy, unthreatening, and inspiring ways to put aside distractions and interact with their loved ones.

With her spouse and two kids, Rachel shares a home in the South where she finds everyday inspiration.

The Huffington Post,, Reader’s Digest,,, USA Today, and several more print and online magazines have all published Rachel’s work.

Currently, one million people visit her blog each month on average. Along with baking, volunteering, and spending time outside, Rachel adores her supportive family.

Review Of Only Love Today

In these casual writings, Stafford exhorts readers to ignore the world’s diversions and choose love above all else.

This is a difficult assignment, says Stafford, who identifies as a “starting to recover perfectionist, recovered rusher, and multi-tasker.”

She draws on her own experience as a special ed teacher and mother to urge women to look for a less frantic, greater people-focused method of living.

Her voice is equal parts poetry and best friend over coffee.

These writings, which are arranged according to the seasons, touch on themes like rebirth, development, integrity, connectedness, compassion, consciousness, hope, and introspection.

Stafford gives a topic that can frequently take a lifetime to master a perspective that is both inspiring and genuine.

This book is written in manageable parts and is created for today’s busy moms. A self-disclosing motivational text from Stafford will halt her readers in their tracks.

She offers those who pause long enough within the present to perceive them tiny glimmers of exquisite discovery.

In order to demonstrate how God can operate in even the most severe circumstances, the author reveals the frightening seasons of her most recent health illnesses and the ensuing surgeries.

This piece of art by Stafford resembles a dedication to the distinct and endearing characters of her daughters.

This work is quite tenderly written, which makes it valuable on its own.

It’s a great book for stressed-out, exhausted parents of young children. It provides a plethora of inspiration and advice for nourishing your own spirit.

We would especially advise it to young or inexperienced mothers who are struggling to raise their children in accordance with spiritual principles.

Whatever the day or the season, there are encouraging words, heartfelt thoughts, and quotes to help you.

Select a random page to serve as a source of inspiration or read a passage from Winter Days while curled up on the couch in front of the fire.

The 324-page book is broken up into four parts that correspond to the seasons of springtime, summer, fall, and winter.

Each season’s messages and themes are also connected to the actual seasons. An epilogue and conclusion are also included.

Each season’s devotions total around 80 pages, with each devotion being one to two pages lengthy.

Because it’s a Christian inspirational book, there are many references to God and practical advice on how to maintain positivity in the face of chaos.

We appreciate the author’s candour in describing her feelings at the time and how she shifted her perspective to consider a better course of action.

She seems to be speaking from the perspective of numerous moms who deal with many of these same issues.

This could be read on a Kindle device, an iPad, or a smartphone with ease.

You should definitely get this book if you are a mother and a Christian woman.

Many of the daily devotions would be especially helpful to mothers who have young children at home, but we believe there’s no reason a mother who has grown children wouldn’t find inspiration in these devotions as well.

You never know when a friend or a member of your family might need some inspiration, and you never know when you might be able to help your own kids when they have kids.

We adore this book and urge all Christian mothers, or even just those that could do with some uplifting devotions each day to read it.

Beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting literature in manageable daily portions! As a delightful gift of reflection for parents and families, the author is free to develop and organise her views gradually.

In regards to mindfulness, realistic and uplifting family examples, and positive, actionable strategies, this is top-notch parenting support.

Final Thoughts

Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford is an exceptionally thoughtful and well-written book which will suit all mothers and women who could really do with some optimistic and inspiring devotions to give their day a motivational lift.

We hope this review has helped you decide whether this book is right for you, and that you enjoy reading it!

Helena Forsite