Privacy Window With Cricut Window Cling (Great For Toilet Window)

For a window in your home that you want to make more private, what better way than to cover it with Cricut Window Cling? It takes no time at all and if you change your mind about the design you can always swap it out for something else. 

So let’s look at creating a privacy window with Cricut Window Cling, which is great for toilet windows. 

Privacy Window with Cricut Window Cling (great for toilet window)

What Is Cricut Window Cling?

So what exactly is Cricut Window Cling? It is a non-permanent covering for glass and glossy surfaces such as windows, mirrors, glassware and jars. It doesn’t use any adhesive to stick to a surface and instead uses static to adhere to glossy surfaces. 

This makes it easier to remove without leaving any mess behind. The top layer is attached to a backing layer which makes it simple to work with and to store. 

Window cling comes in white, red and black and in rolls which are 12 inches by 48 inches. 

How Do You Cut Cricut Window Cling?

In order to successfully cut out your design on Cricut Window Cling you will need a Cricut machine. You can use the Cricut Joy or any of the Cricut Maker or Explore series of machines. 

In a lot of ways cutting Window Cling is like cutting vinyl but with some exceptions. The design that you use for your privacy window may be placed onto vinyl to create a more detailed design. For this you will need to layer the Window Cling on top of the vinyl. 

What Other Tools Do I Need?

For detailed and intricate designs you will need a weeding tool. This is a straight or hooked instrument with a sharp point that you use to remove the negative parts of your cut-out Window Cling design. 

You will also need a roller or scraper to smooth out the Window Cling both on the Cricut mat and on the window surface to make sure there are no wrinkles. 

A pair of special tweezers is also useful for removing the Window Cling from your surface.

Step By Step Cutting Of Cricut Window Cling

Now we will look at how to create the design for your privacy window. Of course, you could just apply a sheet of Cricut Window Cling straight to the window. This would act as a privacy screen, but it may be a little boring. 

For a more interesting option you can choose a design which will still obscure a large part of the window. Window Cling has to go on the inside of the window and cannot be put on the outside where it would be exposed to the weather. 

Create The Design

Choose your design and create in the Cricut Design Space. Window Cling cuts just as well as vinyl so whatever you want to create should work equally well with both materials. 

If you want to make a more complex design you can layer the Window Cling with vinyl. This has the added benefit of making the vinyl reusable, something that is not possible if you use vinyl on its own. 

Make sure that your chosen design will fit onto your window and create the privacy that you want. 

Set Up Your Cricut Machine

Once you have selected your design in Cricut Design Space click on the Make It button. Now you need to decide if you want to cut out the design for your privacy window in the mirror setting. 

If you have any lettering or numbers then you will need to use the mirror setting, or they will be reversed when you put them up directly from the backing sheet. 

The alternative is to apply them one by one and reverse them manually. But this is time consuming and tricky. So it’s best to use the mirror setting for letters and numbers. 

Privacy Window with Cricut Window Cling (great for toilet window) (1)

Select And Load The Window Cling

You now need to select the material. It’s possible to search in Browse All Materials to find Window Cling or you may already have it saved under Favorites or Popular tabs. 

Once you have selected Window Cling as your material your machine will instruct you to load your materials and tools. For Window Cling the tools will just be the basic fine point blade. 

Now lay the Window Cling down on the mat with the backing paper on the bottom. Use your roller to make sure it sticks to the mat and doesn’t move during cutting. 

Press the Cricut logo button to begin the cutting process. 

Use The Weeding Tool

When the design is cut carefully and slowly use your weeding tools to remove the extra Window Cling from the backing paper, leaving just your design. 

With intricate designs there may be lots of small pieces that need to be removed so take your time to avoid ruining your design. 

Applying Window Cling To Your Privacy Window

Now you are ready to apply the Window Cling to your privacy window. 

Surface Preparation

First of all, clean the window thoroughly. This will remove any dirt, grime or grease that may prevent the Window Cling from sticking properly. 

Once it is clean make sure it is completely dry before attempting to apply the Window Cling to the glass. 

Applying Your Window Cling Design

To make sure your privacy window design is in the right place use a ruler to check the position and that it is level. 

Tape the top of the cut-out Window Cling on its backing paper to the glass to double-check the placement. Make sure the Window Cling not the backing paper is against the window glass.

When you are happy with the positioning, tape the bottom of the design to the window to stop it moving during the transfer process. 

Now you can begin to transfer the design to the glass. Using a scraper, go over the design with a firm downward movement to transfer the Window Cling from the backing paper onto the window. 

Making A Layered Design

If you want and if your design calls for it, you can layer two different colors of Window Cling onto your window glass. This may also give you an added degree of privacy. 

However you may want to limit the number of layers to two otherwise the design may get too thick as Window Cling is thicker than vinyl. 

You can also use vinyl on top of Window Cling to create more colorful designs and to make them reusable. 

Removing Window Cling From Your Window

Cricut Window Cling is really easy to remove from your window. As it has no adhesive and is only held in place by static you can simply peel it off the glass. It will leave no sticky residue unlike vinyl. 

Final Thoughts

Cricut Window Cling is a great material to use for a privacy window. It will successfully obscure the glass and give you the level of privacy that you want. 

It is also easy to remove if you want to change the design and will not mark your glass or leave any residue. 

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to using Cricut Window Cling for your privacy window. 

Helena Forsite