QUICK DIY | Washi Tape Candle Votive

Are you after a quick DIY project? Maybe you have got some plain votive candle holders and want to jazz them up? Or are you looking for another use for your washi tape? No matter what your question is, we have the answer for you! 

Finding a quick and easy DIY task or project can be tricky. Every project we see online seems to be unnecessarily difficult, with lots of different craft items needed that can be expensive and tricky to source.

QUICK DIY | Washi Tape Candle Votive

You find yourself overwhelmed, unsure which project is best for you to undertake or not. 

And the more time you spend trying to decide, the longer your dull glass votive holders gather dust. You know the ones, the plain glass candle holders that are dotted around virtually every household in the country.

Sure, the clear glass look can be stylish, but what if you want something a little more unique in your home or to give as a gift?

Well, we have the answer for you! Not only is this DIY task quick and easy, but it allows you to give your votive candle holders a new lease of life! Keep reading to see how you can use some simple washi tape to create beautiful candle votive holders today.

Quick DIY | Washi Tape Candle Votive 

Let’s get straight into today’s DIY task! We will be taking votive candle holders and covering them in washi tape. Doing so will allow you to add funky colors and patterns to your candle holders.

Not only will they brighten up your home, but they make wonderful gifts, and they take hardly any time to make! 

The DIY project is fairly safe too. The only thing you need to make sure of is there is no washi tape near the flame of your candle.

Make sure the tape is only applied to the outside of the votive and that the ends of the tape are all cut away from the flame and secured to the glass. Don’t worry, we will walk you through this later too! 

So without further ado, let’s get into our DIY craft today and make some beautiful votive candle holders! 

What You Need? 

To start, make sure you have the items on the list below. All of these can be purchased at an affordable price online or in-store. Head to your local craft store or IKEA and you are sure to get what you need!

If you have done any crafts or scrapbooking before, then you are likely to have them lying around your home. If not, you can also grab these on Amazon for an affordable price! 

  1. Glass votive holders (however many you want to cover) 
  2. A range of washi tape (we suggest multipacks that have a variety of colors and patterns)
  3. A pair of scissors 
  4. A microfiber cloth

Once you have these items, be sure to lay them out on the surface you will be working on so we can get to work!

Making A Washi Tape Candle Votive – Step By Step

Now that we have our craft items, we can begin making these washi tape candle votives. Below we have a step-by-step guide that you can use to make these candle holders. The entire process shouldn’t take you very long at all. You can then repeat it on as many votives as you want. 

Whether you are using the few you have lying around at home or are turning a huge multipack into unique candle holders for wedding tables, we are sure you will be more than happy with the outcome! 

Step 1 – Clean The Votive 

To start, you will want to clean your votives, especially if these have been gathering dust in your home. You can do this with a damp or dry cloth, depending on how dirty they are.

If they have some light dust on them, a dry microfiber cloth should do the trick. If there is more built-up grime or dirt, then use a damp cloth to remove the grime before buffing it with a dry cloth. 

Repeat the process until all of your votives are clean and dry! You want the votives to be dry and free from dust. This way, the washi tape will secure without any creases or air bubbles and will stay stuck to your glass votives! 

Step 2 – Measure Your Tape 

Next, you will want to measure your tape. You don’t need to do this with a measuring tape or any other equipment. Simply unravel a piece of your tape and hold it around the votive holder.

This should show you how many rows of washi tape you will need to cover a votive (if you are stacking different patterns or colors horizontally). 

You can also cut the tape from the roll here using your scissors to plan out any designs. The following steps will help you create horizontal stripes of different colors or patterned washi tape wrapped around the votive.

If you want to experiment with this, now is the time to get a rough design plan in place. 

QUICK DIY | Washi Tape Candle Votive

This might include sketching out a quick design, or cutting small pieces of the washi tape and placing them near the holder to check if the size is correct.

For more intricate designs, you might want to take a pencil and mark where you need to cut the washi tape and trial run the design first. 

For those following our simple design, use this step to calculate how many rows of washi tape you will need. For most votive holders, three horizontal rows are usually all we have space for! 

Step 3 – Wrap And Cut 

Now it’s time to wrap your washi tape around your votive! Take the first washi tape you want to use and wrap it around the bottom of the votive holder.

You can do this while the tape is still attached to the roll, wrapping the tape around horizontally until you have completely covered the votive. 

Take your scissors and cut the tape. Make sure that both pieces of the tape meet and that there is no gap between them. You can then take your finger and run it across the tape to smooth out any bubbles and ensure that it is stuck firmly in place.

Step 4 – Repeat 

Once you have the first row down, repeat the process with your next two rows! When placing your second row on top of your first, make sure to take some time measuring them up.

If you want a gap between them, make sure that it is even across the holder. If not, place the row of tape as close to the bottom one as you can. 

Do this again with your third row, cutting when the tape has covered the votive and making sure there is no gap between the tape!

Step 5 – Final Trim

When adding your final row, you want to make sure there is no tape hanging over the top of the votive. This can be dangerous, as the flame from the candle could cause a fire!

Make sure there is a small gap between the top of the votive holder and the last row of washi tape. 

This might involve you cutting the row slightly to make the tape narrower. Or you might find it easier to start with the top row and work your way down to the bottom of the votive.

Generally, you shouldn’t need to trim the washi tape down, but if you do, now is the time to do so! 

Once you have, you are done! You can repeat the process on the rest of your votive holders. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a complete guide to walk you through the process of applying washi tape to your votive candle holders.

Make sure you keep a gap between the top of the holder and the tape and you are sure to create beautiful and unique candle holders that everyone will love!

Helena Forsite