Stunning And Simple String-Wrapped Snowflake (DIY) Great Arts And Crafts

Making your own Christmas decorations can be very rewarding as you can look back at memories that are associated with them. You can make unique ornaments that no one else has, making them individual to you.

If you have kids, you can keep the ornaments forever, which is very precious and important. 

Stunning And Simple String-Wrapped Snowflake (DIY) Great Arts And Crafts

It is relatively easy to create string-wrapped snowflake ornaments at home as you do not need a lot of equipment. You can create beautiful decorations that will last forever and that can be displayed every year!

This article will take you through the process of creating stunning and simple string-wrapped snowflakes so that you can begin to create your decorations.

You can find out more below on how to make your snowflake ornaments unique to you and of good quality!

How To Make String-Wrapped Snowflakes

If you want to make string-wrapped snowflakes at home, you will need to head outside first! As it will be coming up to winter, you will need to wrap up warm.

Make sure that you have a bag to collect your twigs so that they do not get lost. You can keep them all together and make sure that none of them fall out. 

Once you have collected enough twigs, you will need to choose your string. You can use simple white string, but you can also use deep blue, dark blue, or even sparkly string.

Taking each twig, carefully wrap them with the string by tying the string at the top and wrapping it around to the other end. 

Once the twigs are wrapped in string, place the twigs in a snowflake pattern. You can then weave more string around the center of the snowflake to hold the twigs in place. Make sure that the string is tightly wrapped around the snowflake so that the twigs do not come loose. 

After the twigs have been secured in place, attach a long piece of string to the back of the snowflake so that it can be hung. When you are hanging the snowflake, make sure that it is secure as you do not want it to fall and break.

Once your snowflake is hanging securely, you can make more to decorate the rest of your room!

Is The Craft Suitable For Children?

Making string-wrapped snowflakes is suitable for children. It can provide them with an activity to keep their mind’s occupied and focus on expressing their creativity.

You may find that you will need to assist your children with wrapping the twigs and securing them together, but they can have a go themselves. 

When you are collecting twigs for the snowflakes, make sure that they are not too sharp. You can also trim the twigs at home if you find that they are too sharp for your children to touch, so make sure that they do not cut themselves. 

What Shape Should The Twigs Be?

The twigs can be any shape that you want! The best thing about creating string-wrapped snowflakes is that no twigs look the same, so every snowflake will look different. You can find twigs that bring your vision to life, so only use twigs that you are happy with. 

It is best to avoid using twigs that are too thick and heavy as they might not hang as well. You can try using any twigs that you want, but you need to think about the practicality of hanging them in the room as you do not want them to fall and break. 

Should The Twigs Be Washed Before Use?

It is best to wash the twigs before they are used to make the snowflakes as you want to ensure that they are clean.

As they will have been found outside, they could have been stepped on or used by animals, so you want them to be clean to touch and to have hanging up in your home. 

When the twigs have been washed, make sure that they are left to dry completely. If they are not dry inside, they will rot, so they need to be left for an appropriate amount of time.

They should be left in a warm and dry area. If the area is damp, the twigs will not dry properly. 

How To Wrap The String

When you are wrapping the string around the twigs, you want to make sure that it is consistent the whole way through. You do not want to end up with one side of the twig being thicker than the other as this will make the snowflake look uneven and unbalanced. 

Stunning And Simple String-Wrapped Snowflake (DIY) Great Arts And Crafts

Start by wrapping the string around the top of the twig and carefully work your way down to the other end. Make sure that the string is not overlapping too much as this will cause it to become thicker.

If you would rather the string be thick, make sure that you get it as even as possible. 

Where Can You Hang The Snowflakes?

Once you have made your string-wrapped snowflakes, you can hang them wherever you want! They can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, window hangings, or even displayed in doorways.

It is up to you where you hang them, as long as you can see them and appreciate them!

You can also gift the snowflakes to friends and family as they make great presents. They are handmade, so you can make each snowflake individual and suited to the person to who you are gifting it. 

Can The String-Wrapped Snowflakes Be Used Outside?

It is not advised that you keep the string-wrapped snowflakes outside as the rain can affect their structure. As the snowflakes are made from twigs, the rain could cause them to rot, so they need to be kept dry at all times.

The cold weather could also cause the twigs to snap, so they should not be left outside in the winter. 

The string is not waterproof, so if you leave the snowflakes outside, the string will become soggy and could lose shape. It will go soft and loose, affecting the way that it looks.

The string may also lose color, which you will want to avoid. Even if you have used white string, the rain could cause it to become dirty and not look attractive. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is very easy to make a string-wrapped snowflake at home, even with kids. The process is very simple as you simply need to find some twigs to use, wrap them in the string, and piece them together to create a snowflake.

You will need to secure the twigs together using string to make sure that the snowflake does not come apart. 

You should wash the twigs before using them, but you need to make sure that they dry properly as you do not want them to rot. You can also hang the snowflakes wherever you want in your home or gift them to friends, it is up to you!

If you are making the snowflakes with children, make sure that the twigs have been trimmed so that none of them are sharp.

You will also need to help them attach the string to the twigs and to secure the snowflake structure together as they may struggle on their own.

Helena Forsite