15 Tastiest Cranberry Recipes That You Should Try!

15 Tastiest Cranberry Recipes That You Should Try!

Cranberries are a super healthy fruit to eat thanks to their nutrients, but the reality is that not a lot of people make proper use of them, especially considering how versatile they are.

So whilst many people will continue drinking cranberry juice, if you want to really explore just how much further you are able to take the simple cranberry, then we recommend you read through our list of some of the tastiest cranberry recipes that we think you should try!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes And Cranberry

There is absolutely nothing better than the taste of beautifully roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes, but did you know that simply adding a small heaped teaspoon of cranberries to your simple starchy dish can actually have a massive help in stabilizing your blood sugar!

So if you’re trying to shave off a couple of pounds before the summer starts, or you’re just watching your weight throughout the holiday season, then we highly recommend including this gorgeous side dish in your next meal. 

Supercharged Cranberry And Pistachio Bites

No baking, and made with the lowest calorie nuts that you can buy?

These cranberry and pistachio energy bites are sure to be the kick you need both in the morning and throughout the day if you happen to find yourself slacking off or feeling particularly sluggish!

So yes, unshelling all of the pistachios is going to be somewhat of a painful task, but consider the benefits you’ll get from the potassium and vitamin K that is packed inside of them! Plus, they don’t require any baking either. 

Orange And Cranberry Smoothie

Who knew a smoothie could taste so much like the holiday season?

Well, with this delicious smoothie, you’re going to be energized all day no matter how busy your holiday season schedule is looking thanks to the huge amounts of vitamin C found inside this yummy smoothie. 

Plus, this smoothie only has 129, so if you’re trying to keep calories low, or you’re on a deficit, then this makes for an excellent breakfast option!

Blueberry And Cranberry Crisp

Yes, we know that apples are in season, but we’re ignoring them, especially when this recipe tastes so great without them! 

Blueberries are the cheat code to losing weight in the winter whilst still eating plenty of delicious food.

So whilst apples, as well as other fruits, are all contenders to find their way into your crisp recipe, the reality is that blueberries should be your main priority. 

Plus, if you use frozen blueberries as opposed to fresh ones, you’ll find they have more antioxidants too! 

Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins

Nothing says Halloween like the inclusion of pumpkins into absolutely everything, but if you’re fed up with overpaying for these seasonal treats then you should definitely consider making this recipe at home!

You’re bound to have everyone asking for the recipe when they realize that your muffins are better than those you can find at your local chain coffee shop. 

This recipe can yield up to 8 muffins, so there should be plenty to go around for when everyone gets back from trick or treating too! 

Cranberry Frozen Yogurt

This blood red yogurt looks naughty, and you’ll realize just how naughty it is when you get a chance to glance at the ingredients list, this is because this recipe calls for the use of vodka!

The inclusion of vodka will fare well even with those who are conscious about what they eat, because hard alcohol can actually have a positive effect on your blood circulation as well as your brain power too. 

So if you’re trying to fight off the pounds and still want a positively gorgeous frozen yogurt recipe? This one’s for you. 

Tuna And Cranberry Salad On Apple Slices

It can be difficult to know what sort of fruit and vegetables you should include in your salad, and let’s be honest, lettuce can get extremely boring if you have too much of it, which is exactly why this recipe is here to revolutionize the way you make your salads. 

That’s right, this salad calls for the use of apple slices to hold your salad, increasing the nutritional value of your salad whilst also ensuring you stay away from the nasty carbs of bread! 

Breakfast Cookies

Even the name of this recipe sounds sinful, and you’re probably waiting for the “gotcha” moment where you get caught thinking about cookies at breakfast time. But there’s really no catch involved at all!

These delicious breakfast cookies help to tame that early morning sugar craving whilst remaining healthy and nutritional. 

So if you often find yourself walking like a mindless zombie in the morning until you’ve had your sugar fix, then this is most certainly the way to go. 

Pomegranate And Cranberry Bruschetta

What might seem like a crime to the Italians among us is actually a surprisingly delicious and fruity twist on the European classic.

So whilst the original version of bruschetta is still incredibly tasty, and really needed no overhaul whatsoever, we’re pleased to announce that this sweet switch up is still something to be tasted and admired, and is a great appetizer at parties if you’re really looking to wow your guests. 

Kale And Cranberry Vinaigrette Salad

Kale is a “if you know, you know vegetable”, because to those who are yet to eat it, or refuse to try it, it appears to them to be nothing more than a leaf, or rabbit food.

However, for those of us who regularly eat kale, we appreciate it for the super food that it is, which is why this salad recipe is perfect for a lunchtime meal that is going to pack you with nutrition and keep you healthy. 

The cranberry featured in the vinegarette is delicious also, and makes for a wonderful accompaniment too. 

Raw Cranberry Cakelets

Like many other dairy-free recipes, these raw cakelets makes use of super yummy cashews, which contain a lot of the nutrients that are similar, including calcium, magnesium, and copper, as well as being comprised of over 80% unsaturated fats, which is close to that of olive oil. 

So if you’re craving that heavenly taste of cake, then these raw cakelets are going to provide that without compromising your diet whatsoever.

Cranberry And Almond Protein Bars

The perfect way to fuel yourself up without ever having to stop, these protein bars are perfect for the person who is either too lazy to get up in time to eat breakfast in the morning, or who is too busy in the morning to find time to have breakfast. 

They’re made with real ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle and stress of baking them, and they’re amazing at covering you as you make your way through the morning traffic.

Plus, you should make them ahead of time, so that you can store them in your freezer and take them out as and when you need them! 

Cranberry And Goats Cheese Flatbreads

A rather decadent addition to our list, you don’t need to worry about these flatbreads being too bad for you, as there’s a reason as to why we’ve chosen goats’ cheese for this recipe!

This is because, of all of the different cheeses, goat’s cheese actually has much lower calories and fat than cow’s cheese does, so it’s a much better and healthier choice for someone who still wants to enjoy that delicious taste. 

It’s also much nicer to your digestive tract, so if you struggle with some intolerances, you might find this cheese treats you much better than cow’s milk does. 

Cranberry, Apple, And Pecan Wild Rice Pilaf

This ultra healthy take on pilaf rice is stacked with all of the flavors that you need for a successful autumnal side dish.

Plus, the use of the native American Wild Rice grain is much better for you than a lot of the different varieties of brown rice that you could find on the shelves, with double the fiber and protein content, all whilst cutting the calories down significantly. 

In fact, whole grains like these are much better at helping you to shed off that visceral fat, so if it’s an area you’re suffering with, dishes like these are what you need to be eating in order to help combat that! 

Turkey And Cranberry Quesadillas

Our stomachs will always be craving something savory, and sometimes you just need to give it what it wants, which is where this super indulgent turkey and cranberry quesadilla recipe comes from!

Yes, it might seem like a step back, but you still need to enjoy yourself! 


So, if you’re looking to include more cranberries into your diet and lifestyle, then take a look through some of the recipes and see if anything inspires you!

Helena Forsite